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If you are connecting to a set of computer speakers, you'll need to use an 1/8" mini-adapter cable. The cable will consist of one (1) female 1/8" mini-connector to a "Y" with one (1) RCA male connector on each end of the "Y." You will need to connect the two (2) stereo RCA connectors in the audio output of your VCR/DVD Player. Then using the 1/8" female connector, you will connect the 1/8" male connector of your computer speakers into the 1/8" female connector.

Note: If the VCR/DVD Player is mono (meaning only one RCA audio output) then you will need to adapt the two (2 stereo) RCA connectors to one (1) mono RCA connector. The cable will need to be a "Y" cable with one (1) mono male RCA connector to two (2) RCA female connectors. First, connect the one (1) male RCA connector to the (mono) audio output on the VCR/DVD Player. Then connect the two (2) RCA female connectors to the two male RCA connectors of the 1/8" Y cable.

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