EdReady Math and English Placement

JSU wants to save you time and money by offering the no cost, individualized JSU EdReady Math and English Placement!

Who Takes JSU EdReady?

All entering students who have not successfully completed or been awarded their first math or English credit are required to take EdReady.

  • Exemptions may apply.
    • Math exemption information is provided on our math placement website's FAQ's.  Please use the link provided at the bottom of this page for further information on mathematics exemptions. 
    • You may contact the Department of English for further information (256-782-5411), or use the English placement link provided at the bottom of this page for further information on English exemptions.

How to Take JSU EdReady Math and English Placement

  1. Take at home before your Gamecock Orientation session.
  2. Disable pop-up blockers (Chrome and Firefox are recommended browsers).
  3. Log-in to your MyJSU Account (Received in JSU acceptance letter).
  4. Click on “Placement Exams.”
  5. If the pop-up appears, click “Get Started” (You do not enter a key).
  6. Choose the exam you would like to take first (JSU Math Placement or JSU English Placement).
  7. Click “Add to Goals.”
  8. Next Click “Go to Goal.”
  9. Click “Start Assessment.”
  10. Take this assessment and submit your results. You will immediately be given a score and a study path.
  11. If you do not make the required minimum placement score, you should work on your study path to achieve the required score.
  12. Repeat steps 3-11 to complete the second EdReady (math or English).
  13. Students are highly encouraged to work both math and English study paths to a score of 100.

Placement Information Links:

Math Placement

English Placement