Faculty/Staff- Pamela White

Pamela White       A firm believer in education, Pamela White has taught for five years. She earned her B.S. in Accounting with a minor in English from Jacksonville State University. Professionally, she has worked as an accountant and a manager. She held a position as an accounting manager at Cluett Peabody Incorporated in Atlanta, Georgia, and she worked as a Managing Cosmetologist and salon owner for 12 years. It was during her years as a continuing education instructor in cosmetology her passion for teaching ignited.
        In 2009 she returned to Jacksonville State University and received a M.A. in English. Pamela served as English instructor for Bevill State Community College where she spent her time teaching and reading, composition, and literature. In her career, she has focused on strategies to enhance the learning of students. She is a firm believer that learning is not just for academic purposes, but learning also has a role in preparing students to be productive members of society. It is important that students understand their responsibility is not only to themselves but to their community.
       Currently, Pamela White serves as an instructor in Learning Services at Jacksonville State University. She is committed to preparing students for the English Competency Exam and helping students understand their role as a student while attending Jacksonville State University.