Enterprise Information Systems

Enterprise Information Systems (EIS) implements and maintains the information systems that support the administration and operations of the university. These systems include enterprise business software applications (Banner, Touchnet, Argos, CBORD, etc.) EIS is also responsible for the storage and back up of centralized university data.

Systems and Security

Systems and Security is responsible for providing the university Internet service, enterprise email, active directory and ldap authentication services. They provide the administration to several enterprise software systems and the hardware that supports those systems. The core of the university network that includes the enterprise firewall, core routers and switches.

This group is also responsible for the security tools, software, hardware, policies and procedures that provide the security of enterprise data. Security training, compliance and governance is managed through the Systems and Security unit under the supervision of the Information Security Officer.

Technology Support

Technology Support is the centralized support management unit for all IT trouble requests, tickets and support. End user support is providing for desktops, printers/copiers, laptops and mobile devices for university owned equipment. Training and support is also provided for Office 365 and other software applications. All classroom technology and support is provided through the Technology Support unit. The Technology Support Center is located on the 9th floor of the Houston Cole library and serves as the support hub for all technology requests.

Network Architecture and Infrastructure Support

Network Architecture and Infrastructure Support is responsible for the design, installation and maintenance of the university data network. This includes Ethernet and wireless access, as well as telephony services. This unit manages the Avaya VOIP system and is responsible for the support, billing and administration of the university telephone network.