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CISA Personnel

Dr. Guillermo Francia

Director and Professor of Computer Science, Management of Information Security, Digital Forensics

(256) 782-5723

Dr. David Thornton

Scientist and Assistant Professor, Simulation and Human Computer Interface

(256) 782-5359

Dr. Monica Trifas

Associate Director of ISA Education, Image Processing and Data Visualization

(256) 782-5718

Dr. Jeffrey Zanzig

Senior Scientist and Associate Professor, Security Regulations, Auditing, and Compliance

(256) 782-5782

Dr. Aaron Garrett

Associate Director of ISA Research, Cryptography and Optimization

(256) 782-5364

Dr. Jane Kushma

Senior Scientist and Associate Professor, Disaster Recovery and Management

(256) 782-8432

Dr. Donnie Ford

Senior Scientist and Professor, AI and Security Management

(256) 782-5242

Dr. Sri Krishnaprasad

Senior Scientist and Professor, Systems Security and High Performance

(256) 782-5438

Dr. Chi-Chin Chao

Senior Scientist and Associate Professor, Database Security and Modeling

(256) 782-5717

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