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Like other universities, JSU requires international students to have health insurance. It helps to insure that you will be able to continue your education even if a serious accident or illness occurs.

You have two choices regarding your health insurance. You may acquire insurance from a company that you select, either in your own country or here. Or, you may choose a provider through JSU. If you decide to carry insurance from a company of your choice then you must provide papers showing that (1) the insurance policy is in effect for the entire time you will be in school, and (2) that the types of medical problems the policy covers and the amount of money that the policy pays are the same or better than in the policy offered through the University. The policy offered through our University was chosen because the cost is low and the benefits are generous. The University makes no money from this policy. Students who use this insurance make their payments directly to the company, Gerber Life Insurance company. The cost is $588 per year ($196 per semester). The general terms of the policy are as follows:

  • maximum policy benefit (for each accident/sickness) $250,000
  • medical evacuation (maximum) $10,000
  • repatriation (maximum) $7,500
  • students must pay the first $100 for each accident/sickness
  • if the student first visits the University health clinic and is sent to another doctor or hospital, the student does not have to pay the first $100
  • after the $100 deductible, all usual and customary expenses are paid for - hospital room, surgery, ambulance, and physician expenses while hospitalized
  • pre-existing medical problems or illnesses are not covered

It is very important that students become familiar with the terms of the policy they use. Copies are available in the International Programs & Services Office upon request.