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Alabama's 11 Regional Inservice Centers were created by the State legislature to enhance the training of school personnel in critical needs areas. The concept and mandate were adopted in May, 1984 (Act 84-622), establishing centers to provide "rigorous inservice training in critical needs areas for the state's public school personnel" teachers, superintendents, principals, and local board of education members.

Through continued support, the 1984 Legislature and each succeeding legislative session have sought to expand the benefit of the centers to children, youth and adults of Alabama's public education systems. The teacher population in each region is the major factor in determining the geographic boundary lines and state funding of each center.

The members of our Governing Board have made valuable suggestions for improvement and have approved the programs that you see offered online. The current Governing Board members are:

  • Ms. Gwen Baker, Administrator, Anniston City Schools
  • Ms. Deborah Funderberg, Teacher, Attalla City Schools
  • Mr. Joe Dyar, Administrator, Calhoun County Schools
  • Mr. Brian Pike, Teacher, Clay County Schools
  • Ms. Laura Brown, Teacher, Cherokee County Schools
  • Ms. Valerie Lindley, Teacher, Cleburne County Schools
  • Mr. Don Graves, Administrator, Etowah County Schools
  • Ms. Jonna Betterton, Teacher, Gadsden City Schools
  • Vacant, Jacksonville City Schools
  • Ms. Khristie Goodwin, Administrator, Oxford City Schools
  • Matt Akin, Administrator, Piedmont City Schools
  • Dr. Michael Barber, Administrator, Pell City Schools
  • Ms. Wanda Langley, Teacher, Randolph County Schools
  • Ms. Melissa Adkins, Teacher, St. Clair County Schools
  • Ms. Debra Royston, Teacher, Roanoke City Schools
  • Ms. Lisa Williams, Jacksonville State University Representative
  • Dr. Gena Thornburg, Jacksonville State University Representative
  • Ms. Debbie Webster, Alabama State Board of Education Representative