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Application forms for international and American students are available on this web site under the "applications" tab. If you have trouble downloading these forms, please contact the International House.

Each international student receives a scholarship that covers tuition, dorm room, meals, and insurance. International students are responsible for all travel expenses.

International students come to the International House Program on a J-1 cultural exchange visa and may be required to return to their home countries at the completion of the scholarship to share their experience with their fellow students and countrymen. Additional visa information may be obtained at: from the United States Department of State website.

Each International House Program scholarship is for 1 (one) year. Outstanding students may be selected for a second year. No student receives a scholarship for more than two years.

International House Program Scholarship

Details of International House Program Scholarship

The International House Program Scholarship Award provides:

  1. Tuition for Fall and Spring academic semesters, beginning in late August and completing at the end of April.
  2. A room at the International House, to be shared with an American/English-speaking student for the two semesters of the initial contract.
  3. Meals provided in accordance with Jacksonville State University's food service policies, in effect during these two semesters. (Scholarship recipients must provide their own meals during holiday periods.)
  4. An allowance of $150.00 per semester (Fall and Spring) for the duration of the scholarship, for books and supplies.
  5. Sickness and accident insurance for twelve months-For the entire period of the DS-2019. This insurance has limitations and the scholarship recipient must pay for medicine in advance and will be reimbursed, in most cases, by filing a claim form. Assistance is provided in these cases.
  6. This is a one academic year scholarship for undergraduates, renewable for a second year if all conditions are met. (18-24 years of age)
  7. Some scholarships are renewed for a second academic year; however, no student receives an International House Program Scholarship for more than two academic years.
  8. Married students are not eligible for an International House Program Scholarship. In the event a student gets married while on an International House Program Scholarship, no further scholarship assistance will be granted.

Other pertinent information concerning the International House Program and Jacksonville State University:

  1. The Scholarship recipient will need funds for transportation to the United States and for the return trip to his/her native country.
  2. Students are responsible for their personal and social expenses.
  3. J-1 students cannot work. There is very little work on campus for foreign students, and no other financial aid, except that offered by the International House Program, so funds for personal expenses will be necessary.
  4. The book allowance may not be adequate to buy all the books needed.
  5. Scholarship recipients will be expected to spend approximately ten hours per week in forums, seminars, social events, and community groups as a condition of scholarship.
  6. Scholarship recipients are expected to have a sufficient knowledge of English to successfully pursue a full academic load, as all courses (except foreign languages) are taught in English.
  7. This is a Department of State approved Cultural Exchange Program. Scholarship recipients will come to the United States on a "J-1" visa. At the conclusion of the scholarship, a student may be required to return to his or her native country.
  8. For further information and/or application forms for an International House Program Scholarship, contact: Chandni Khadka, Director of the International House Program, Jacksonville State University, 700 Pelham Road North, Jacksonville, Alabama 36265.

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