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International House

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Application process to live in the International House

First, apply to JSU:

Once accepted, you will automatically be considered for one of these scholarships if you meet the criteria:

Once you are accepted to JSU, you can also apply to the International House:

If you are granted one of the merit-based scholarships, your application to the International House will be considered. If your scholarship does not cover all of your expenses, you will have to show proof of financial support to cover the rest of your academic costs.

An application to the International House consists of:

            1. Completed and signed application

            2. Essay

            3. 3 Letters of Recommendation

These should all be emailed to

Pertinent information concerning the International House Program and Jacksonville State University:

  1. The Scholarship recipient will need funds for transportation to the United States and for the return trip to his/her native country.
  2. Students are responsible for their personal and social expenses.
  3. With very few exceptions, international students cannot work. There is very little work on campus for international students, so funds for personal expenses will be necessary.
  4. International House members will be expected to spend approximately 5-10 hours per week in forums, seminars, social events, and community groups.

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