JSU Affiliates

A JSU AFFILIATE is an individual who is not an employee but requires an ID or access to specific JSU systems to perform duties assigned by the department. A JSU Affiliate request must be completed by the hiring authority within the Department.  The JSU Affiliate online request can be found using this link:

Notification of an ID# and account provisions will be sent to the appropriate Department Head via e-mail.

Below is a list of JSU Affiliate types and their definitions:
  • Artist in Residence:
  • Consultant: A non JSU employee providing services and working on a university initiative.
  • Emeritus: A retired faculty who was granted emeritus status upon retirement. An emeritus letter needs to be attached.
  • External Auditor: A non JSU employee who performs an audit in accordance with specific laws/regulations and who is independent of the entity being audited.
  • External Instructor (dual enrollment): A non JSU instructor providing educational guidance for a specified program not affiliated with JSU.
  • Executive in Residence:
  • Recruitment Search & Screen: A non JSU employee serving on a search and screen committee.
  • Research/Project: A researcher or other type of academic or administrative collaborator.
  • RMC Health Center: Assigned RMC medical and staff personnel.
  • ROTC (Reserve Officers’ Training Corps): Assigned ROTC personnel.
  • University Trustee: Appointed by the Governor of Alabama.
  • Unpaid Intern: Students in an academic program given the opportunity to explore career options and gain working experience at JSU.
    • Requires a copy of the Intern’s University ID and completed Intern Application forms A & B.
  • Visiting Scholar: Visiting Scholars on a visa. Departments must send the sponsorship letter to International Student Services for processing. Once the visa is obtained, submit a POI request with attached letter.
    • Note: Visiting Scholars require a courtesy appointment through Academic Affairs and not a POI request.
  • Volunteer: an individual who eely and willingly offers to take part university tasks or responsibilities without needing to be ordered or assigned to do so for no financial gain.