Personnel Actions

Personnel Action Change Requests

Personnel Action Change Request (PACR) forms are required to document the ongoing employment relationship between Jacksonville State University and any staff or faculty.  This Form is required to establish or initiate any change to an employee’s employment status, e.g.: promotions, personnel transfers, position title, additional assignments for Faculty, salary, pay grade, supplemental pay, interim appointments, as well changes to an organizational unit, or funding information. 

A supervisor/department head or other designee prepares a PACR form which is then submitted through the appropriate authorized chain of command according to the division and department which apply to the employee for whom the form is completed.  Timely submission of completed PARC forms is necessary to ensure accurate payroll processing and Jacksonville State University’s compliance with all applicable employment regulations, grant administration obligations, and/or contract provisions.

For more information regarding Personnel Action Change Request (PACR) forms, please refer to the Personnel Action Change Request Information Page.  This page provides guidelines regarding form preparation, authorizations, and submission requirements.  A Faculty Appointment Form may be used in lieu of a PACR form when appropriate.

Personnel Action Team Meetings and Submission Deadlines