Volunteers in the Workplace

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Occasionally a department or office may request or be offered, the voluntary services of an individual who wishes to assist with an activity, project, or event of the University. When this occurs, the volunteer supervisor for the department/office using the volunteer should (1) request that the Volunteer complete the Volunteer Application Form 102 and (2) the volunteer supervisor must complete the Volunteer Application Form 103. The volunteer supervisor is responsible for submitting both completed Form 102 and Form 103 to HR at least two weeks prior to the planned start date in the department.

In collaboration with the University Safety office, HR will review the information to determine whether this is an appropriate Volunteer arrangement and determine if a background screening is necessary. Once Forms 102 and 103 have been successfully processed, HR will coordinate with the Volunteer to sign a Volunteer Services Participation Agreement Form 104. Completion of the Volunteer Services Participation Agreement (prepared annually) documents that the volunteer is performing his/her activities without the expectation of compensation, and ensures the University is protected from liability in the event of accident or injury. Volunteer supervisor must not allow the Volunteer to begin services until clearance has been received from HR. For more information about utilizing the services of volunteers in the workplace, please visit: Volunteers at JSU.

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