Voluntary Separations

Resignation. An employee may voluntarily resign from a position within the University or from employment with the University. Whether resigning from a position or from the University, employees are expected to submit a written resignation providing a minimum of two (2) weeks’ notice to his or her supervisor. It is the expectation that the supervisor formally acknowledges and accepts the resignation in writing. Due to the complexity/operational commitments of exempt positions, employees in this class are expected to provide at least one (1) month notice. If an employee provides the proper notice as specified above, he/she will be entitled to all benefits accrued, provided the 180-day probationary period has been completed.

Retirement. If an employee is retiring, the employee is advised to provide written notice at least 90 days before his/her anticipated retirement date to ensure there is no delay in applying for and receiving retirement compensation. Our retirement providers require that the application for retirement be completed no more than 90, but no less than 30 days prior to retirement date.

Completion of Term Appointment (Temporary Employees). Temporary employees are employed at the University under a term appointment agreement. Employees hired for a term appointment will be separated from the University as of the specified date unless the supervisor notifies the Department of Human Resources that the appointment will be extended.

End of Grant: If a grant is terminated or ends, those individuals employed in grant-funded positions will be separated from the University.

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