Unlawful Harassment and Retaliation

Harassment or other illegal discrimination against protected individuals or groups of a protected status not only is against the law, but also is inconsistent with the values and ideals of Jacksonville State University and against University policy. Harassment is defined as unwelcome conduct, whether verbal, written, physical, or visual, that is based upon a person’s protected status, such as sex, color, race, ancestry, religion, national origin, age, physical or mental disability, or other protected status. Jacksonville State University will hold all members of the JSU community (including faculty, staff, and students) accountable for any applicable adverse actions, and will not tolerate harassing conduct that interferes unreasonably with an individual’s work or academic performance, or which creates an intimidating, hostile, demeaning, or offensive working or learning environment, or affects tangible job or education benefits. Individuals who participate in harassment directed against a person or group because of their protected status, or in illegal discrimination are subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination.

Each member of the JSU Leadership is responsible for creating an atmosphere free of discrimination and harassment, sexual or otherwise. Further, employees are responsible for respecting the rights of their co-workers. Any employee who experiences any job-related discrimination or harassment based on race, color, religion, national origin, or another factor, or believe that he/she have been treated in an unlawful or discriminatory manner, must promptly report the incident to their immediate supervisor who will investigate the matter and take appropriate action, including reporting it to the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. If an employee believes it would be inappropriate to discuss the matter with his/her supervisor, a report may be made directly to the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. If Jacksonville State University determines that an employee is guilty of unlawfully discrimination against another individual, appropriate disciplinary action will be taken against the offending employee, up to and including termination of employment.

Retaliation. JSU has zero tolerance for retaliation of any form including against a qualified individual with a disability that files a request for reasonable accommodation, employee who files a legitimate or bona fide sexual or any other form of harassment or unlawful discrimination complaint or against witnesses involved in such investigations. If an individual believes that he or she is a victim of retaliation based on the protected classes identified under federal law, the individual should direct the complaint to the Office of Diversity and Inclusion at 256-782-5007 or inclusion@jsu.edu.

However, if, after investigating any complaint of harassment or unlawful discrimination, JSU determines that the complaint is not bona fide or that an employee has provided false information regarding the complaint, disciplinary action may be taken against the individual who filed the complaint or who gave the false information.

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