Separation from Employment Process

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Exit Process. All employees transferring from one Department/Division to another, or leaving JSU, whether resigning, retiring, or terminated, must participate in the Exit Process with their supervisor and/or Human Resources, by completing an Employee Separation/Transfer Clearance Form. This process allows employees transferring from one Department/Division to another return and/or account for any property belonging to the department. The Exit process allows employees leaving the University to discuss matters pertinent to the separation, such as extension of benefits, handling of final paycheck, return of University property, forwarding addresses, disposition of leave, and related matters. For more information, reference the Employee Separation Procedures.

Accumulated Leave at Separation from Employment. If an employee separates from employment with JSU, whether by retirement or resignation, that employee may be paid for accumulated annual leave up to the maximum allowed for the employee’s years of service. If the employee is retiring from the University, the employee will also have the option of requesting all or part of accumulated annual leave be transferred to their sick leave balance and may be used for retirement credit with, the Teachers’ Retirement System. If an employee dies while in service and has annual leave in excess of the maximum accumulation, the deceased employee’s excess annual leave will be transferred to the sick leave balance.

Retirement Credit. Upon termination of employment, an employee will not be paid for any accumulated sick leave. However, the Teachers’ Retirement System will allow unused sick leave to be counted as service credit for retirement purposes. (See also D.5) Contact Human Resources for current information on converting sick leave to retirement.

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