Personnel Action Changes

JSU has implemented a process for the request and approval of personnel and position changes (including new positions, position reclassifications, position title changes, promotions, transfers, and other adjustments in compensation, etc.) to all positions, inclusive of grant-funded jobs/positions. This systematic approach to personnel and position change requests allows for consistent, fair, and equitable responses to how requests are identified, evaluated, and resolved. It also creates a collaborative process for how to best meet the personnel needs of the University in a financially responsible manner.

The goals of the personnel and position action change review and approval process are: (1) to create clear, transparent, and understandable processes to identify and communicate a needed or desired personnel action, and to evaluate and conclude upon each request; (2) deploy processes that maximize opportunities to create and maintain a diverse work force; (3) execute the process with the expediency and deliberation as appropriate to the situation. In all cases the timeline should be clearly defined and understood by all; (4) process each request with simultaneous and complementary evaluation of human resources principles (e.g., job classification, grade, position title, duties, internal equity, etc.) and budgetary considerations and constraints; (5) maximize the effectiveness of constrained resources to achieve institutional priorities.

Changes to grant-funded positions/personnel or requests for new grant-funded positions will not be considered without prior approval from the responsible party representing the funding source. The department requesting any changes to grant-funded positions must submit written approval of such changes to the Department of Human Resources.

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