On-Call Compensation

An employee who is on-call is required to be available off premises in case of an emergency. The employee must be available via telephone within the department-specified response time. Non-exempt employees placed on-call receive a set rate for the on-call hours. If the employee is called in, he/she will be paid at the regular rate of pay for actual time worked or two hours, whichever is greater. Hours worked in excess of 40 hours in a work week will be paid at time and-a-half. Once an employee reports to work, on-call pay stops. An employee may not receive payment for working and on-call pay for the same hours. The total hours paid plus the on-call hours may not exceed 24 hours in a given day except in the case of a designated holiday or in the event an employee is required to remain on call while on paid leave for vacation or personal holiday.

An employee may not receive on-call pay at the same time he/she is receiving sick pay since it is presumed the employee would be unable to work when ill. However, an employee may be on-call while on vacation, personal/designated holiday.

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