Management Rights

The University has always sought the opinions of its employees about working conditions, efficiency, productivity, and other matters of employee interest. However, the University, like other organizations, must make decisions without prior consultation with its employees. The University maintains exclusive discretion to exercise the customary and/or necessary functions of management, including, but not limited to, hiring, selection, promotion, work assignments, supervision, discipline of employees, and employees’ separation from service. The University retains the right to determine the size, structure, and composition of the work force; to establish, change or abolish policies, procedures, rules and regulations; to determine and modify job descriptions and classifications, and to assign duties to employees in accordance with the needs and requirements of the University. The University retains the right to add, modify, or abolish benefits as seen to be in the best interest of the University. It is the University's goal to adequately compensate employees for their contribution to the University; however, this is not to be interpreted as a guarantee of salary increases or adjustments. The fiscal condition of the University and the best interests of the University combined with other relevant factors, will determine the availability of funds for salary structure and increases.

If employees have questions or problems concerning their work or work environment, they should first discuss the issue with their supervisor or manager. If the matter cannot be resolved at the departmental level, employees may contact the Department of Human Resources at 25-782-5007.

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