Leaves Without Pay

Regular, full-time employees with a year or more of continuous service may request a leave of absence without pay. Except for medical and sick leave, employees are required to submit a formal request for leave of absence, with complete documentation to the supervisor at least one (1) month in advance of the beginning date. The effective inclusive dates of leave should be included. All leaves of absence must be approved by appropriate authority and are subject to the approval of the President. A copy of the approved request will be given to the employee, and the original will be placed in the employee’s personnel file. Employees applying for a leave of absence should contact Human Resources concerning benefit status, leave balances, insurance coverage, etc. Insurance benefits may be continued while on a leave of absence, but the total cost of these benefits is the responsibility of the employee. (See Family and Medical Leave for exception to health insurance.). An employee has the option of taking a leave of absence without pay in order to continue his/her education. Sick and annual leaves do not accrue during a leave of absence without pay.

Employees returning from leave must notify the Department of Human Resources of their return to work. Overstaying a leave without proper notification and approval constitutes an automatic resignation and subsequent loss of benefits. Upon return from leave, the employee will be returned to the same or equivalent position with equivalent pay, benefits, and other employment terms. While on leave without pay, an employee is still considered to be employed by JSU, and therefore should not accept other employment during the leave period. An unpaid leave of absence may be granted for the following reasons:

  • Educational Leave (Up to 12 months) - Must be job related in that it leads to an advanced degree or increased job qualifications.
  • Personal Leave (Up to 6 months) - Must be for a justifiable reason and must not unduly interfere with normal University business.
  • Family and Medical Leave (Family Medical Leave Act)
  • On-the-Job Injury Leave- JSU is not subject to the Worker’s Compensation Laws of Alabama. However, JSU provides certain benefits for job-related injuries. Employees who are injured on the job may be entitled to paid leave, subject to the approval by the appropriate Vice President. On-the-job injuries requiring medical treatment are covered under the employee’s personal health insurance plan. Employees may file a claim with the State Board of Adjustment to be reimbursed for co-insurance, deductibles, and non-covered items. For more information, contact the Alabama Board of Adjustment.

For more information about Special Circumstances Leave, view the Attendance and Leave Policy

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