Involuntary Separations

Termination for Cause. An employee may be terminated for unsatisfactory performance, misconduct, neglect of job responsibilities, violations of departmental or JSU regulations or for other reasons deemed to constitute proper cause by the University. If an immediate supervisor requests to terminate an employee, the case will be referred to the next level of supervision. An employee who is terminated may not be entitled to accrued annual leave, and this action will become part of the employee’s employment record. 

Separation during Probation. Any full-time or part-time employee may be separated from employment during the six (6) month probationary period. 

Job abandonment. The University considers job abandonment when an employee does not report to work for three (3) consecutive days without the supervisor’s permission or does not notify the University of an absence for more than three days, except when an emergency precludes giving notice. Workdays are considered consecutive even when broken by normal non-working days such as holidays or weekends. Additionally, job abandonment is considered when an employee fails to return to work within the prescribed time limits, following an authorized leave of absence. 

Reduction In Force (RIF). Conditions may arise which necessitate a layoff due to reorganization, lack of work, material change in duties of the University and/or lack of funding. 

Such situations are discussed between Division leaders and Human Resources and communicated to affected staff members by their School/Department/Unit leadership. When a reduction in force is necessary, employees will be given as much notice as is possible. 

Termination Without Cause. Termination without cause may be affected by a supervisor for reasons, which include, but may be not limited to, incompetence or inability to perform the prescribed work satisfactorily. In such case, the employee being terminated may be entitled to any qualified accrued benefits. Termination without cause means that the employee is being terminated for reasons that are not related to misconduct and notice of the termination and possibly severance pay is required as outlined in the employment/labor standards. 

All employees, at the time of their separation from the University must return all uniforms, keys, and other equipment to the University before their final paycheck is disbursed.

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