Staff Handbook- Introduction

The JSU Staff Handbook: You Matter designed to help employees understand JSU’s employment practices, employee performance expectations and behaviors, benefits, employee responsibilities and JSU’s guiding principles. The information outlined in this handbook represents broad internal guidelines and is not intended to be or to represent a contract of employment between JSU and employees. The policies, procedures, and practices outlined in this handbook apply to all JSU employees, however Faculty members are also governed by the JSU Faculty Handbook and Policies. Where there is duplication, or a policy overlap of the same issue, the JSU Faculty Handbook and Policies will take precedence over this handbook for faculty members. JSU’s official policy and this handbook always takes precedence over any conflicting information that may be conveyed by a supervisor or coworker. If unclear or omitted information is found, please contact the Department of Human Resources and clarity will be provided by the appropriate JSU officials.

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