Changing Jobs at JSU (Internal Recruitment)

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Internal searches are limited to Jacksonville State University employees only. The President, upon the recommendation of the Provost or a Vice President, may determine that it is in the best interest of the university to conduct an internal search to fill a vacant position. Internal recruitment will be utilized to support career mobility of existing qualified employees. Employees who meet the minimum qualifications for a position must be employed at least one year in order to be considered for a position outside of their current Division; to be considered for a position within their current Division, qualified employees must be employed at least six (6) months. All exceptions to the waiting period(s) must be approved by the appropriate Division Vice President. All employees being hired for another position must have a current satisfactory performance evaluation on record with the Department of Human Resources. 

When an employee receives a promotion or is hired into position, it is not mandatory that the employee serve a probationary period in the new position. However, supervisors are encouraged to monitor employee performance in the new role and to provide consistent constructive feedback. The Supervisor may elect to evaluate the employee’s performance at any point during the first six (6) months and provide appropriate feedback. Employees moving from one department to another, must be paid any accumulated compensatory time by their current department. Compensatory Time should not be transferred to another department, but fully paid out to the employee. It is the responsibility of the employee’s current supervisor to initiate the completion of the Separation/Transfer Clearance Form which must be signed by both the current supervisor and the existing employee. The signed Form must be sent to the Department of Human Resources for records maintenance.

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