Information Technology

It is the policy of JSU to maintain access to local, national, and international networks for the purpose of supporting its fundamental activities, which include education, research, and administration. Violation of policies for use of computers and networks is subject to corrective action, up to and including termination of employment. University property and equipment are purchased with university funds and are for university use only. Most of the computer software used by JSU is protected by copyright. It is against University policy and federal copyright law to duplicate or make unauthorized use of copyrights. University vehicles and property are not to be used for personal business.

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Net ID and Email: Each staff member is provided with a JSU network Id (NetID) as well as an email address for the conduct of University business. A staff member’s NetID password is not to be shared with anyone. The JSU NetID and its associated password are the property of the University. 

System Use: JSU electronic resources are primarily intended for execution of University business, with incidental personal use permitted. Incidental personal use is determined to be occasional and short- term use of JSU’s electronic resources that does not: 

  • Adversely affect a staff member’s work performance or productivity 
  • Cause JSU to incur undue cost 
  • Impede the performance of JSU’s networks and systems, or 
  • Violate any JSU policy or applicable laws or regulations. 

Under no circumstances will staff members give others access to any system that they do not administer. 

Network Administration: Administrators of systems and networks have the responsibility to protect the rights of the users of the systems, to set policies consistent with those rights, and to publicize those policies to their users. They have authority to control or refuse access to anyone who violates these policies or threatens the right of other users, and they will make reasonable efforts to notify users affected by decisions they have made. 

Privacy: JSU places a high value on privacy and recognizes its critical importance in an academic setting. However, given that the University information systems are provided for the purpose of conducting JSU business, the University maintains the right to access system accounts. Although the University does not routinely monitor the content of communications or transmissions using University infrastructure, at times, legitimate reasons exist for persons other than the account holders to access these services. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Ensuring the ongoing operations of JSU systems or business operations 
  • Responding to valid legal requests or demands for access to JSU systems and records, or 
  • Investigating suspected violations of JSU policies, regulations, or rules 

Threats and Harassment. Use of JSU’s electronic resources by any employee to send threatening or harassing content or messages or to view, download, retransmit, distribute, or otherwise communicate content or messages that may violate JSU’s Policy on Discrimination and Harassment and/or Policy on Sexual Misconduct, is prohibited. 

Pornography. Use of JSU’s electronic resources by faculty, staff, student employees, contractors, temporary personnel, vendors, and visitors to intentionally display, hold, send, view, print, download, retransmit, distribute, or otherwise communicate content which the University may deem to be indecent, obscene, sexually explicit, or pornographic is prohibited by JSU policy absent a legitimate academic, research, or medical purpose. 

Use of JSU’s electronic resources by anyone to display, hold, send, view, print, download, retransmit, distribute, or otherwise communicate child pornography is illegal and therefore strictly prohibited. Any occurrence of child pornography material is a violation of federal and state statutes and must be immediately reported to University Police as required by law and University policy. 

Social Media. Staff members are expected to use social media in a responsible manner that does not violate any JSU policy. Staff members using JSU electronic resources are responsible for abiding by all Information Technology policies. 

Telephone Usage. Employees are expected to answer telephone calls promptly and in a courteous manner. The telephone is an important link between the University and its students, alumni and other constituents. While we realize that employees will need to make occasional personal calls, the University insists that incoming and outgoing personal calls be kept to a minimum. Personal long-distance calls charged to JSU are not permitted under any circumstances, and any such use can result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination. 

Email and Internet Usage. All electronic and telephone communications systems and all communications and information transmitted by, received from, or stored in these systems are the property of Jacksonville State University and as such are to be used solely for job-related purposes. The use of any software and business equipment, including but not limited to, facsimiles, telephones, computers, and copy machines for private purposes is strictly prohibited. Further, employees are not permitted to use a computer code, access a file, or retrieve any stored communication unless authorized to do so, or unless they have received prior clearance from an authorized Jacksonville State University representative. All computer pass codes are the property of Jacksonville State University. No employee may use a computer pass code that has not been issued to that employee or that is unknown to Jacksonville State University. Employees who violate this policy are subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination. To ensure that the use of electronic and telephone communications systems and business equipment is consistent with Jacksonville State University's legitimate business interests, authorized representatives of Jacksonville State University may monitor the use of such equipment from time to time.