In summarizing the terms and conditions of staff employment at JSU, this Handbook does not provide a detailed description of all employment policies and practices; each JSU University School/Department/Office/Unit may adopt additional procedures particular to its functions.

From time to time, policies and programs of the University may change; these changes will be summarized in periodic notices. To be sure you have current information, check for these notices posted online at Important HR Information, confer with your supervisor, or contact Human Resources. This handbook is not an employment contract or an assurance of continued employment. JSU may change without notice, any statement in this handbook concerning rules, policies, procedures, benefits, or other matters. Accordingly, a staff member should check the most current information if there is any doubt about the application of a policy. For the current edition of any Policies, please visit Handbook and Policies.


For questions that are not answered in this Handbook, staff members are encouraged to ask their supervisor or email hrconfidential@jsu.edu.

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