Conflict of Interest

JSU employees staff members have a primary professional obligation to act in the best interests of the University and not allow outside activities or financial interests to interfere with that obligation. As part of this responsibility, JSU expects staff members to apply their time and effort appropriately and use University resources toward University ends. Staff members must use their position, time, and JSU resources in a manner that does not detract from or interfere with their University responsibilities. If a staff member’s actions provide inappropriate personal advantage, or are detrimental to the University’s mission, this presents a conflict of interest which must be avoided or managed appropriately. All JSU employees are expected to abide by the Alabama Code of Ethics. To this end, all employees will participate in mandatory training facilitated by the Alabama Ethics Commission.

Conflict of Interest and Financial Disclosure in Research and other Sponsored Programs. JSU has developed and implemented a Conflict of Interest Policy for Grants/Sponsored Projects (Policy #1:01:15) which applies to any university Principle Investigator (PI)/Project Director (PD), and/or a JSU employee whose salary is paid more than 50% from a grant/sponsored project. PIs, PDs or JSU employees are charged with notifying a responsible representative of JSU if a conflict of interest arises as a result of a grant. JSU chooses to proactively reduce or eliminate conflicts of interest by requiring public disclosure of significant financial interests, monitoring of research by independent reviewers, modification of the research plan, and disqualification from participation in the portion of the sponsoring agency’s funded research that would be affected by significant financial interests.

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