Prospective Employees

JSU is known as the "Friendliest Campus in the South" and every day we strive to provide a smile and world class customer service to all who visit us on campus or via our website. It is all part of our "up close and personal" approach to higher education. We are a campus where our students get to know our faculty and staff personally through small class sizes, one-on-one interactions, and student engagement activities. It is important to all of us at JSU that our students are engaged in the life of our campus and prepared for their future careers and lives as responsible citizens. It is truly a team effort and you will find that JSU is not only a team, but also a family. When you join JSU you learn very quickly that we care for and help each other to be successful.

Family Friendly Workplace JSU has created innovative policies and programs that give our employees the freedom to focus on their families while advancing their careers. Our policies also recognize the changing definitions of family — from blended families, adopted families, and same-sex domestic partnerships, to the demands of caring for aging parents.

Work-Life Balance

We encourage you and your family to be a part of the JSU community.

  • Recreation Center
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • JSU Sports
  • The Arts at JSU
  • Little River Canyon

Employee Benefits

JSU strives to remain at the forefront of higher education in the types of benefits provided to employees. The value of benefits should be considered as part of a total compensation package earned by an employee. For more information please visit our Benefits page

Located in Calhoun County, the Jacksonville area provides numerous reasons to enjoy a great life overflowing with great outdoor activities, amazing cultural sights, mouth-watering food and Southern hospitality.

The favorable cost of living in Jacksonville (11.70% below US average) is another significant benefit to living in the area.

Located about an hour from Birmingham, the largest city in Alabama, and less than two hours from Atlanta, JSU is only an easy drive from excellent art galleries, theaters, outdoor concerts, museums and professional sporting events. The New York Times cited Birmingham's culinary scene as a jewel, with nationally known chefs and restaurants. Other Birmingham attractions include the city's minor league baseball team in a new downtown stadium that opens to Birmingham's skyline, the zoo and science center. Combine all that with a thriving nightclub scene, craft breweries and an entertainment district and Birmingham has become a hot spot for residents and visitors.

Studies show that work has positive effects on students’ overall academic achievements. As a student you have several employment options while attending JSU, whether or not you are eligible for financial aid. You can search for on-campus student assistant or Federal Work Study (FWS) postings by visiting our Careers website. For career opportunities outside of the university you may visit:  Career Services.

Work as a Student Assistant

Almost every department at JSU employs students part-time. These student assistant positions offer students work related to their skills, academic or career fields, and experiences or interests. To qualify you must be:

  • Enrolled at JSU.
  • Registered for at least six credit hours as an undergraduate student or three credit hours as a graduate student.

Work as a Federal Work Study Employee

FWS positions are available to help students who show financial need to earn a portion of their educational expenses through meaningful employment. The program is administered by the Office of Student Financial Aid. To qualify you must be:

  • Registered for at least six credit hours as an undergraduate student or three credit hours as a graduate student.
  • Awarded and have accepted FWS funds through your financial aid award package.

For eligibility requirements and more information on Federal Work Study, please visit the Financial Aid website.

Looking to work at JSU on a temporary basis? Search for temporary postings on our Careers site.

What is a temporary appointment?

A temporary appointment is an up to two year or less appointment for the purpose of accomplishing one of the following:

  • Short-term assignment
  • Project-based assignment
  • Replacement of incumbent on Medical/FMLA defined leave


All employees are eligible to participate in the purchase of season tickets to all regular season athletic events at a considerable discount. For more information about Athletic Events, visits: JSU Athletic Events.

University Recreation

University Recreation offers opportunities for employees and their dependents to experience active and healthier lifestyles. For more information visits: University Recreation .

Dining Hall Discount

Meals are available at the Jack Hopper Dining Hall at a reduced rate for JSU employees with JSU ID card. In order to receive the discounted rate you will need to have a credit balance on your ID card.


Employees and eligible dependents have unlimited access. For library hours visit: JSU Library.

Little River Canyon Center

The Canyon Center features a regular schedule of programs that include concerts, workshops, hikes, lectures, and other activities. For more information visit: Little River Canyon Center.

Longleaf Studios

Longleaf Studies offers opportunities for employees and their dependents to experience a variety of films & filmmakers. For more information visit: Longleaf Studio Events.

The Arts

  • Drama Department - All employees are eligible to participate in the purchase of season tickets to all drama events at a considerable discount. For more information about Drama Events, visit: JSU Drama Events.
  • Music Department - The David L. Waters Department of Music offers opportunities for employees to experience a variety of musical events all year long. For more information visit: JSU Music Events.

 Below is the list of employment categories at JSU:
  • ADMINISTRATIVE positions are assigned administrative and management responsibilities or professional duties at the department/unit level, or above. Administration employment is at will and can be terminated at any time in accordance with university regulations.
  • EXECUTIVE SERVICE positions ordinarily report directly to the president, unless otherwise specified in writing, and include vice presidents and other positions responsible for policy making at the executive level.
  • STAFF positions are assigned professional, paraprofessional, administrative, clerical, secretarial, technical, skilled crafts, service, or maintenance duties.
  • TEMPORARY employment is at will with fixed duration. Temporary jobs are organized into a number of categories, each with its own distinctive policies and procedures.
  • FACULTY – CLINICAL can be regular or visiting.  The ranks for clinical faculty are:  Clinical Instructor, Clinical Assistant Professor, Clinical Associate Professor and Clinical Professor. Clinical faculty are always non-tenure earning.  Clinical faculty teach and/or are responsible for managing students in the practice component of their degree program.
  • FACULTY – JOINT appointment is defined as employment that is offered by two academic colleges, two academic units, or an academic unit and a center or institute.  The offer letter will clearly designate the primary and secondary units.  If tenure earning, the primary unit will be where the tenure will reside.  Both the dean from the primary unit and the dean/director from the secondary unit will sign the letter.  Only if the letter does not include specifics on the secondary assignment will a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) will be required.  Joint appointments are documented with Secondary appointment in the system.
  • FACULTY – COURTESY appointment is offered to a person who meets the academic unit’s professional qualifications but whose primary assignment is outside of the institution.  The department will suggest the academic title or rank to be given to the candidate, based on his professional experience and education level.  Courtesy appointments receive no financial remuneration, are term-limited and are always non-tenure earning.
  • FACULTY – TEMPORARY is non-tenure earning, non-benefit eligible employees.  The period of employment is usually less than a year, but not more than a year if full-time, and come to complete a specific assignment.  Usually assigned to less than 100% effort.
  • FACULTY – REGULAR usually resulting from a posting waiver or a successful search, a continuing appointment, which may or may not be term-limited or multiyear. Any regular, multiyear appointment may be renewed or changed to regular with no end date, during the employment of the faculty.  These type of appointments may be full-time (40 standard hours) or part-time (less than 40 standard hours).  Only regular faculty, in the ranks of Professor, Associate Professor and Assistant Professor are eligible for tenure.  All other faculty ranks are non-tenure earning.
  • FACULTY – VISITING positions to be filled on a temporary basis. Usually appointments are for 1 year, with renewal availability for a maximum of 4 years. This type of faculty enjoys the same benefits as a regular faculty.  When eligible, visiting faculty could be considered to receive any across the board increases, the same as regular faculty.  Visiting faculty in all ranks are always non-tenure earning and shall meet the educational and professional experience as required for those ranks in the academic unit.

HR Requests Employees Self-Identify with Disability and/or Vets Status -As part of our Affirmative Action Program, the University is required to track the number of individuals with disabilities and/or protected veterans status that are employed at JSU. The University invites employees who fall into one or both categories to confidentially identify themselves by completing the Voluntary Self-Identification of Individuals with Disabilities and/or Voluntary Self-Identification of Protected Veterans forms that can be found on the Employee tab under Employee Services on Contact the DHR 256-782-5007 with questions.  (Do we have a separate form for this in the sign on package?)

Congratulations, and welcome to the JSU Family! Moving to a new location can be exciting and the Department of Human Resources wants to assist in making your transition to Alabama a smooth one. The university may provide reimbursement for moving expenses to eligible employees.