Super U Reward

When we recognize our employees, we reinforce the actions and behaviors we most want to see employees repeat. A surprise, random recognition creates an air of excitement, and reinforces the employee's understanding of acceptable attitudes and behaviors which contribute to a positive workplace.
  • To recognize and promote positive behaviors that support individuals (including students), groups, divisions, and departments in achieving the University’s mission, vision, and values
  • To provide random means of expressing appreciation from one employee to another, regardless of position level, department, or division
  • To assist with creating a culture of mutual respect, reward, and recognition for employees at all levels
  • To promote and enhance employee engagement within the University community
  • To help improve and sustain employee moral across the campus
  • To increase retention of JSU’s high performing employees who are aligned with the University’s values

All JSU employees are eligible to give and receive a SUPER U Reward.

Any current JSU employee can identify and select another JSU employee for a SUPER U Reward. When identifying and selecting a recipient, please keep in mind the University’s Mission, Vision, and Values.
  • Mission: Jacksonville State University, as a learning-centered community, provides distinctive educational, cultural and social experiences to prepare students to be competent, ethical professionals and engaged, responsible, global citizens.
  • Vision: Jacksonville State University will be recognized nationally for excellence in providing a transformational learning environment that supports student success and engagement, regional stewardship and innovation.
  • Values: Jacksonville State University is committed to:
    • Student-Centered Culture
    • Transformation
    • Excellence
    • Innovation
    • Engagement
    • Integrity
    • Stewardship
    • Inclusivity

Each Division will be allotted a specific number SUPER U Reward certificates and gifts each year to be utilized by employees within the Division. Vice Presidents will coordinate with their Division/School leaders to determine by whom and how the rewards will be disseminated. Rewards could be given by any employee to another employee regardless of employee level, division, school, department, or unit, and at any time. Since the SUPER U Reward is random recognition, no Award ceremony will be initiated for this award.

  • Takes initiative on the job – The employee’s work ethic and eagerness to take on new challenges, positively impacts students, the employee’s department, and/or the University:
    • Serves as a role model to students and others – leads by example
    • Goes above and beyond the requirements of the job
    • Is receptive to corrective actions or suggestions
    • Takes initiative to rectify any areas of concern
  • Demonstrates a commitment to outstanding Customer Service – the employee serves as a role model, and/or enhances the reputation of the department and University, and contributes to a positive work environment through conscientious attention to the needs of others:
    • Displays a helpful, cooperative, and positive attitude towards students and other University personnel
    • Promotes a welcoming and friendly work and learning environment by demonstrating respect for diversity and is considerate of the feelings, concerns, or experiences of others
  • Consistently contributes/performs beyond the required expectations of the job – the employee’s work related accomplishments, contributions, and performance are above and beyond the normal duties expected of the position, having a direct impact on, and benefit to the employee’s department, division, and the University in general:
    • Demonstrates willingness to provide assistance to co-workers and to other departments
    • Voluntarily assists co-workers in order to complete important department projects

Each recipient will receive a Reward Certificate in the form of a ‘scratch-off’ card which will reflect the non-monetary value of the Reward. The ‘scratch-off’ card will provide recipients with instructions on how to redeem their Award. Employees who are giving the Reward will have an opportunity to elaborate on their reasoning for giving the Reward on the ‘scratch-off’ card before giving it to the recipient.

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