Monthly Recognition Award

  • To express appreciation for the contribution of individuals for their service and commitment to the University and its students.
  • To recognize employees’ demonstration of their support of the University’s strategic goals, initiatives, and expectations.
  • To promote a culture of customer service excellence.
  • To promote and enhance employee engagement within the University community.
  • To increase retention of JSU’s high performing employees who are aligned with the University’s values.

All JSU employees are eligible to participate in the Monthly Recognition Program provided they meet the following criteria (along with criteria established for their perspective group):

  • Cannot be the President or a member of the President’s Cabinet
  • Cannot be serving on a Monthly Recognition Committee
  • Must be a permanent benefits earning employee
  • Employed with JSU for a minimum of one year
  • Must have a current performance evaluation on file
  • Must have an overall level of 3 or above in their current performance evaluation
  • Must not have any disciplinary actions on file within the last two years
  • Must not have won a Monthly Recognition within the last 12 months
  • Must receive endorsement from immediate supervisor

The Department of Human Resources (DHR) will promote the Program monthly, reminding employees to submit nominates for Monthly Recognition Program.

Nominators will elect employees for the Monthly Recognition Program from two groups: 

  • Professional Monthly Recognition: an employee at an Assistant Director Level or above; candidates must meet previously stated eligibility criteria
  • Support Staff Monthly Recognition: an employee at a level below Assistant Director; candidates must meet previously stated eligibility criteria

Each month the Professional of the Month Committee (PMC), and the Support Staff of the Month Committee (SSMC) will select one exemplary employee to be recognized as their respective award winner.  All eligible employees will fall into one of two designated categories to be eligible for consideration. 

Each committee will be composed of 6 members, all of whom must belong in their represented categories (a committee of peers) and a Human Resources (HR) representative.  The HR representative is utilized to ensure nominees meet qualifications and to field any questions the committee may have.  Each Committee will identify a Chairperson at the beginning of each year.  The Chairperson will schedule meeting times, location, and distribute information as needed.

The initial (first) committees will be appointed by the University President.  Each member of the committees will serve no more than a two-year term.  However, in order to keep experience present on all committees, some initial members will be allowed to roll off of their committee after one year.  This will stagger the off-loading and on-boarding of members.  No member of the committee will be eligible to be considered for the Monthly Recognition award while serving on the committee.

As members need to be replaced (for whatever reason), the HR representative will inform the Chief Human Resource Officer who will then contact the Vice-President of the exiting committee member’s division for a replacement.  Replacement must come from that Vice-President’s division.  Replacement will be made with guidance from the DHR.

Each year, this Program’s procedure will be reviewed and updated as needed by the existing committee members.  Any changes determined by the committees must be approved by the DHR and the University President.  Review of growth potential for categories should be included.

To facilitate the vetting of nominees by HR, the committees will meet on the second Tuesday of every month.  Special accommodations may have to be made in certain situations (such as December, due to the awards luncheon date).  Two award recipients will be chosen by each committee for the November award.  The second recipient will be for the month of December.  Awards will be presented on the last Tuesday of month (based on availability of President or designee).  Promotion of awards will be left to the discretion of the award recipients.

Any current JSU employee can nominate a JSU non-faculty employee for Monthly Recognition (with the exception of the President and Cabinet members).  Nominations must be made electronically using the Nomination Form below.

All nomination entries must be submitted by the 15th of each month to be considered for the following month’s award.  Example:  October nomination entries are for the November award.  There is no limitation on the frequency of which an employee may be nominated.  Multiple people may nominate the same employee.  This is both accepted and encouraged.  The awards committees will only consider nomination forms with regard to the selection process (letters or emails of support are not accepted).

Nominators are encouraged to elaborate on their responses and provide specific examples when completing the nomination form.  Nominators should keep in mind the criteria listed below which will be used in selecting the award recipients.  Using robust descriptions, nominators should “draw a picture” of their nominee, revealing how the nominee meets the criteria.  Submissions with undeveloped justification may not be considered in the review process. 

  • Takes initiative on the job
  • Must be conscientious and honest
  • Demonstrates a commitment to outstanding customer service
  • Consistently contributes / performs beyond the required expectations of the job
  • Actively supports JSU’s strategic goals and initiatives
  • Consistently exhibits a positive and supportive attitude that is above and beyond the normal expectations of his or her job
  • Exhibits a high degree of excellence, professionalism and integrity

Elaboration on the nomination criteria for use by the committees will be addressed further in this procedure.

Employees who have been nominated but not selected as a Monthly Recognition recipient will have to be nominated again in another month.

    1.  Takes initiative on the job – The employee’s work ethic and eagerness to take on new challenges positively impacts students, the employee’s department, and/or the University:

  • Serves as a role model to students and others – leads by example
  • Goes above and beyond the requirements of the job
  • Dedicated team player
  • Is self-motivated
  • Is receptive of corrective actions or suggestions
  • Takes initiative to rectify any areas of concern

    2. Must be conscientious and honest – the nominated employee is constant in their commitment to honesty, excellence and high moral standards:

  • Consistently dependable and is punctual in reporting to work
  • Avoids waste of JSU resources
  • Represents JSU in a positive light both on and off campus

    3. Demonstrates a commitment to outstanding Customer Service – the nominated employee provides outstanding customer service (i.e., serves as a role model and/or enhances the reputation of the department and University, and contributes to a positive work environment through conscientious attention to the needs of others):

  • Demonstrates good customer service towards students and others
  • Consistently friendly and available towards students and others
  • Uses effective communication skills

    4. Consistently contributes / performs beyond the required expectations of the job – the nominated employee’s work related accomplishments, contributions, and performance are above and beyond the normal duties expected of the position and support of the University’s goals and initiatives:

  • Has exceptional working knowledge of his/her job
  • High overall quality of performance
  • Accurately completes work assignments on time
  • Requires little supervision
  • Willingness to learn and take on new responsibilities

    5. Actively supports JSU’s strategic goals and initiatives:

  • Enthusiastically implements the University’s strategic initiatives
  • Knowledgeable of JSU policies and procedures
  • Demonstrates respect for diversity and is considerate of the feelings, concerns or experience of others by promoting a welcoming and friendly environment

    6. Positive/Supportive Attitude:

  • Displays a helpful, cooperative and positive attitude towards students and others
  • Controls high stress situations tactfully and calmly
  • Voluntarily assists co-workers in order to complete important department projects

    7. Exhibits a high degree of excellence, professionalism and integrity – the nominated employee demonstrates aspirations to provide exceptional care through job excellence, professionalism, and a positive attitude:

  • Is always trustworthy, honest, and sincere
  • Does the right thing even when no one is watching
  • Maintains student/staff confidentiality in all settings
  • Follows through on commitments made
  • Promptly greets guests, visitors, and co-workers
  • Is flexible
  • Willing to accept new tasks/challenges
  • Consistently adheres to all policies and procedures of JSU

Each award recipient for the month will receive a JSU Presidential pin, a framed certificate, a $100 gift card, a JSU coffee mug and a JSU T-shirt.

Awards will be presented as follows:

  • Pin – President (or designee)
  • Certificate – Director (or designee)
  • Gift Card – Vice President (or designee)
  • T-Shirt, Mug – Director of Human Resources (or designee)

Awards will be presented in a small gathering in the President’s office on the last Tuesday of the month (based on President’s availability).

Nominate Someone for Employee of the Month

All nomination entries must be submitted by the 15th of the month to be considered for the following month’s award (e.g., nominations for November awards are due October 15). We accept and encourage nominations from multiple people who wish to recognize the same employee for any one month. During the selection process, the awards committees will only consider information submitted on nomination forms (letters or emails of support are not accepted). If your nominee is not selected to receive an award in a given month, you may submit another nomination form for them in subsequent months; these submissions will not automatically roll over to the next month.

Employee of the Month Nomination Form