Working at JSU

JSU is a vibrant, student-centered public teaching university with a  diverse faculty and staff. We strive to hire top notch employees to serve  and support our students, which means on occasion, a family member or any other related individual may be considered for a position at the university.

Relationship to another employee of the university shall not constitute a bar to hiring or internal movement (promotions, demotions, laterals, reclassifications) as long as an employee will not be under the direct or indirect supervision of a related individual.

The intent of reviewing hiring decisions is to ensure that no preferential treatment will be afforded to individuals based on relationships that may place undue or inappropriate influence on terms and conditions of employment as a result of the hire.  It is important to note that JSU has an expanded definition of a relationship as outlined in the Nepotism Disclosure Policy.

The university retains the right to refuse to appoint a person to a position in the same division, school, department, or facility, whereby their relationship to another employee can create an adverse impact on supervision, safety, security, morale, or involves a potential conflict of interest.

Procedures and Guidelines 

Related individuals, as defined by this policy, may not be supervised or work in the same division, school , department, or unit without prior approval from the Department of Human Resources.

If an employee develops a relationship with another university employee, both employees are required to disclose the relationship by completing the Nepotism Disclosure Form and submitting the completed form to the Department of Human Resources.

Once forms are reviewed and a decision has been made, the decision is communicated to the employee and supervisor and the executed form becomes part of the respective employees’ file.

The Employee Self-Service feature within MyJSU empowers employees by enabling them to execute common HR tasks. It facilitates the submission of online transactions such as tax forms, leave absences, system access requests, view check stubs, or consent to receive electronic W-2s.

Once the employee is logged into, select the Employee tab and then Human Resources Self Service.

Jacksonville State University offers a variety of generous and flexible leave benefits to all eligible employees. The University recognizes that all employees should enjoy occasional time away from work using vacation and holiday time, and that both personal and medical situations may temporarily interfere with an employee's ability to work. All leave, other than emergencies, must be approved by the supervisor in advance. 
  • Annual Leave
  • Sick Leave
  • FMLA Leave
  • Military Leave
  • Educational Leave
  • Special Circumstances Leave

For more information, visit Leave Administration.

Jacksonville State University values increasing knowledge and awareness through diversity, which includes compliance with Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Passed in 1990, the ADA ensures that 51 million Americans with disabilities are able to participate in the mainstream of life, including higher education.

We make all of its activities, programs, and services available equally to persons with disabilities. We have various resources for students, faculty, staff, and visitors who have disabilities, which help ensure a quality educational and work environment.

Reasonable Accommodations
Reasonable Accommodations that do not pose an undue hardship will be made for any qualified individual with a disability to ensure equal opportunity and equal access to programs and benefits are enjoyed by those who are not disabled. For more information, visit the Office of Diversity & Inclusion.

The Coordinator of Diversity and Inclusion also serves as the ADA Coordinator for the University.

In our commitment to the furthering of knowledge and fulfilling our educational mission, Jacksonville State University seeks a campus climate that embraces, celebrates, and promotes respect for the entire variety of human experience. In our pledge to diversity, we welcome people from all backgrounds, and we seek to include knowledge and values from many cultures in the curriculum and extra-curricular life of the campus community. Our vow to work toward an environment that values diversity requires that we create, promote, and maintain activities and programs that further our understanding of individual and group diversity.

The concept and dimensions of diversity should be advanced and incorporated into every aspect of University activity, including student life, syllabus, teaching, programs, staffing, personnel training practices, research, community services, events, and all other areas of University endeavors.

For more information, visit the Office of Diversity & Inclusion.