Code of Ethics Requirements for Public Officials and Employees

The Department of Human Resources has received its annual notice from the Alabama Ethics Commission regarding the requirement for public employees to complete the Statement of Economic Interests (SEI) Form for 2017.   The criteria for requiring completion of the SEI form are numerous (see Who must file a SEI), but the most common specific to JSU are:

  • Any person employed as a public employee at the state, county, or municipal level of government or their instrumentalities AND whose base pay is seventy-five thousand dollars ($75,000) or more annually
  • Every full-time public employee serving as a supervisor, including Directors and Assistant Directors
  • Public employee with supervisory responsibility for one (1) or more employees
  • Purchasing or procurement agents having the authority to make any purchase
  • Any public employee with responsibility for handling or investing public funds (review full requirements:
  • Chief financial and accounting directors
  • Chief grant coordinators

The State of Alabama Ethics Commission requires that JSU employees who meet at least one of the criteria (Who must file a SEI) as established in the Code of Alabama Title 36, Chapter 25, Section 14, file a Statement of Economic Interests ( by April 30, 2018 for the year 2017. 

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