You will need to know and understand the residence life policies, which are designed to promote a community environment conducive to academics and involvement. RAs are trained to enforce policies and confront and document any policy violation. Residents in violation of any policy will need to meet with the RLC to discuss the incident and may receive a sanction for being in violation.

Illegal, dangerous, or controlled drugs and drug paraphernalia are prohibited. Drinking or carrying alcoholic beverages in the lounges, hall corridors, bathrooms, or in any area of the residence halls or apartments is prohibited. Smoking within residence halls/apartments or within 25 feet of the building is not allowed.

Vandalizing or damaging any portion of the building, furniture, property, or fixtures, and removing university furniture from its designated area/room are prohibited. The use of nails, screws, double-sided tape, and duct tape is strictly prohibited.





Abuse, assaults, bullying, threats, or being verbally abusive to another person is prohibited.

Cooking/cooking appliances (e.g., hot plates, electric grills, toaster ovens, fry daddy, toasters, etc.) are prohibited in the residence halls. Exceptions are coffee makers, rice cookers, and microwaves. A list of approved appliances for both residence halls and apartments can be found here: GUIDE


Keeping, having possession of, or displaying, any weapon that includes, but is not limited to, firearms, explosives devices, bowie knives, daggers, sling shots, projectile guns/toys, or brass knuckles is prohibited.


Tampering with fire safety devices is strictly prohibited. Storing flammable items such as grills, candles, or flammable substances in the residence halls/apartments is prohibited.


Residents are also responsible for the conduct of their guests/visitors and may be held accountable for their violations. Residents are allowed overnight visitors of the same sex. All guests staying overnight must be registered at the front desk and approved by roommates. Violating the visitation policy by not checking in guests or checking them out after visitation hours have ended will result in sanctions.


The only pets allowed in the residence halls are fish; please see GUIDE for more details.