You will most likely be sharing a room in the residence hall. This is an amazing opportunity to learn about another individual and their background simply by sharing a room together.

You will receive your housing assignment information starting in May and the email will contain your roommate’s information. Once you receive your roommate’s information, you will be able to email him/her. This will give you the chance to start learning about each other before you live together. It is very important not to judge your roommate based on your first contact. You should make plans for what each of you plans to bring or buy for the room. This will ensure that your room doesn’t have duplicate items that could easily be shared.

If problems or issues do arise, it is very important that each of you speak openly and honestly about the situation. It is common to have a discussion-based approach to conflict and will require you to speak directly with your roommate. It is crucial that you not talk poorly about your roommate to others. If you do not feel comfortable talking with your roommate, let your RA know and they can help mediate the situation.

It is not common for roommates to become best friends. You should take advantage of this opportunity and develop friendships with other students while building a good relationship with your roommate. You should be respectful of each other and feel comfortable living together.


Additional roommate tips can be found on the FAQs  page.


It is natural to feel nervous. Remember to be patient with each other. Any anxiety should go away as you and your roommate get to know each other better. This may be the first time that either of you have shared a room.


We're excited to invite you to find your roommate and meet other residents through the RoomSync app on Facebook. Click the link below to add the app and find your roommate. Do not click the link from your mobile device; wait until you are in front of a computer. Don't worry, there is a mobile app that you can add after joining RoomSync.


Once you have matched with your roommate on RoomSync, you will need to make your request official by visiting requesting your roommate through MyResWebCenter.


If you have any questions about using the app you can ask us or contact RoomSync at: