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George M. Lauderbaugh
Professor of History

Dr. Lauderbaugh joined the JSU faculty in August 2000 and has taught the American History survey, Colonial Latin America, Modern Latin America, and The United States and Latin America. Previously, Dr. Lauderbaugh has taught at Grove City College in Pennsylvania; Air University, Maxwell Air Force Base; Troy State University / Montgomery, and Auburn University / Montgomery.

Dr. Lauderbaugh is a graduate of Davis and Elkins College (B.A., 1967), Ball State University (M.A. 1973), and the University of Alabama (M.A. 1991; Ph.D. 1997).

Dr. Lauderbaugh has focused much of his research on relations between Latin America and the United States. His dissertation, The United States and Ecuador: Conflict and Convergence, 1830-1946 is a case study of the diplomatic, cultural, and military dimensions of relations between the two nations. He published a chapter entitled "Bolivarian Nations: Securing the Northern Frontier," in Latin America During World War II, that was edited by Thomas M. Leonard and John F. Bratzel. He has written several articles on Latin America including: "The Role of the United States in Ecuador's Territorial Dispute With Peru at the Washington Conference 1936-1938," "The Annals of the South Eastern Council on Latin America Studies," November 1999, "Bases Aereas de los Estados Unidos en El Ecuador (1939-1946)," "Revista del Fuerzas Aerea Ecuatoriana," 1994, and "An Introduction to Canada and Mexico," Air War College Associate Program Text, 1986. He also completed a series of articles on Latin American Military History for the Encyclopedia of Land Warfare.

Other interests include Panama, Latin American Military History, the fate of democracy in the hemisphere, and the Pan American Railroad. He is intrigued with the way in which Latin Americans view the United States and how Americans view Latin Americans.

He serves as the advisor to Phi Alpha Theta, and assistant advisor to the History Club. Dr. Lauderbaugh is an active participant at the meetings of The South Eastern Council of Latin American Studies (SECOLAS), Alabama Guatemala Partners, and Alabama Association of Historians.

Dr. Lauderbaugh served in the United States Air Force from 1967-1992 retiring in the grade of Lt. Colonel.

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