Undergraduate degrees


Bachelor of Arts in History

This degree provides a general Liberal Arts program, including 12 hours of foreign language, for those who do not wish to acquire teacher certification. This Bachelor of Arts degree allows the student to achieve a major in history with thirty hours of course work, or a minor with 21 hours.

Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies with a concentration in History

This degree program tends Liberal Studies Program with a minimum number of hours required in each area.

Bachelor of Science in Education

This degree is for those interested in teaching history on the high school level. Students earning this degree must complete 27 hours of history and meet the admission and retention requirements of the teacher education program.

Bachelor of Arts with majors available in French and Spanish

This degree is for those interested in seeking teaching certification in a foreign language teaching field. Students earning this degree must complete 36 hours of the same language and meet the admission and retention requirements of the teacher education program.

Minor in Gender Studies

Students wishing to minor in gender studies must complete SY 368, Theories of Gender, and an additional 18 semester hours from the following list of gender studies courses: AN 345, AN 361, EH 420, HY 436, PSY 337, SY 310, SY 350, SY 367, SW 360, SW 365, and other relevant courses pending committee approval. Students must complete classes from at least three different programs. For Gender Studies minors, the respective departments have agreed to waive any normal prerequisites for the above – listed classes. For more information, please email the gender studies advisor at genderstudies@jsu.edu or call the History Department at 256-782-5632.

Students may also complete up to six hours of the required 18 hours in non-designated courses that have been approved by the gender studies committee on a by - contract basis. Students wishing to take non-designated courses for gender studies credit must submit to the gender studies committee a contract for each non-designated course signed by both the instructor of record and the student, detailing how the student will create a gendered curriculum within the established framework of the course and course assignments. Students wishing to submit a proposal for a by – contract course should contact the gender studies advisor for the required form and pertinent information.