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Transfer credit from other institutions will appear on your JSU transcript only if it was used to fulfill degree completion and teacher certification requirements.

The number of semester hours of graduate credit that you can transfer from a regionally accredited institution to JSU toward a graduate degree program is limited to the following maximums:

  • 6 hours toward a 30 semester hour program
  • 9 hours toward a 33 semester hour program
  • 12 hours toward a program of 36 or more semester hours

Evaluation of Transfer Credit

Evaluation of transfer credit is made by the appropriate department of the student’s major and approved by the Dean of the College of Graduate Studies. A student intending to enroll at another institution and transfer a course(s) to JSU, must receive approval of the course work prior to enrolling in the course to insure the course will be accepted for inclusion in the student’s program of study.

Transfer credit cannot be used to raise the GPA of JSU course work to the required minimum GPA of specified majors, teacher certification programs, or graduate certificate programs.

Professional education courses cannot be transferred to JSU if taken in another state.

Only graduate courses with grades A, B, P, and S may be transferred to JSU. Grades of C or below will not be eligible for transfer.


Steps to Transfer Credit

  1. Complete and return a Transfer Credit Request form listing the course(s) you wish to transfer
  2. Request that an official transcript from the institution the credit was earned
    (It needs to be sent directly to the College of Graduate Studies at JSU and supply the course description(s) for any course(s) listed for transfer.) 

Secondary Education Major

A student may transfer no more than three hours in the teaching field. This major requires a minimum GPA of 3.0 in the course work in the teaching field(s). Transfer credit cannot be used to raise the GPA in this teaching field to the required 3.0.

MBA Program

Transfer credit will be accepted from AACSB International accredited schools only. No transfer credit(s) will be accepted once students are enrolled in the MBA program, except in cases of extreme hardship to be determined by the MBA Director and the Dean of the College of Graduate Studies.