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MPA in Environmental Science Management

Master of Public Administration

Concentration in Environmental Science Management

The Department of Physical and  Earth Sciences offers an area of concentration in environmental science management within the MPA degree program. Please refer to pages 275-278 of this Bulletin for required application materials and admission requirements for this program.

A graduate certificate in environmental science management is also available for non-degree students who wish to specialize in the area of environmental science management.

Required Courses

A total of 39 semester hours is required for this degree program. The student must complete 24 semester hours in required environmental science management courses (which include an internship if a waiver is not granted for prior administrative experience) and 15 semester hours in the Environmental Science Management concentration.

Required Public Administration Courses (24 semester hours):

  • PSC 500 - Foundations of Public Administration (3)(to be taken during the first semester)
  • PSC 501 - The Analysis of Policy (3)  or  PSC 545 Seminar in Public Administration (3)
  • PSC 502 - Research Methods in Public Administration (3)
  • PSC 504 - Administrative Leadership and Ethics (3)
  • PSC 531 - Public Personnel Administration (3)
  • PSC 532 - Public Finance Administration (3)
  • PSC 546 - Diversity in the Workplace (3)
  • PSC 597 - Public Affairs Internship (3) (If required - if not then the student will take a 3 semester hour public administration elective course by advisement.)

The student must complete the 15 semester hours of required environmental science management concentration courses listed below:

  • ESC 490G - Environmental Auditing (3)
  • ESC 495G - Risk Analysis (3)
  • ESC 496G - Watershed Management (3)
  • ESC 510 - Environmental Laws and Regulations (3)
  • ESC 535 - Integrated Waste Management (3)

39 Graduate Semester Hours Required for this Degree


1. Course descriptions for the Environmental Science Management concentration courses are provided in the Environmental Science Management section of the Graduate Bulletin.

2. Course descriptions for the Public Administration courses are provided in the Political Science section of the graduate bulletin.

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