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Graduate Studies

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Master of Science in Education


Core Requirements (4-7 semester hours):

  • ED 500 - Introduction to Graduate Education and Technology (1)
    (Discipline specific section required first semester of enrollment.)       
  • EFD 500 - Research in Education (3)
  • *SPE 500 - Survey Course in Special Education (3)
    (Students who have not previously satisfied the special education requirement at the undergraduate or graduate level must take SPE 500.)

Teaching Field Requirements (30 semester hours):

  • SPE 505 - Functional Communication (3)
  • SPE 516 - Characteristics of Mild to Moderate Disabilities (3)  
  • SPE 517 - Methods: Mild to Moderate Disabilities K-6 (3)                           
  • SPE 522 - Assessment of Special Populations (3)
  • SPE 533 - Applied Behavior Analysis (3)
  • SPE 554 - Medical, Legal, and Ethical Aspects of SPE (3)
  • SPE 560 - Characteristics of Severe Disabilities (3)
  • SPE 561 - Research and Practices: Severe Disabilities K-6 (3)
  • SPE 581 - Practicum in Mild to Moderate Disabilities K-6 (3)          
  • b - Practicum in Severe Disabilities, K-6 (3)              

34-37* Graduate Semester Hours Required for this Degree


  • Admission to this program requires fourth-year (bachelor’s) teacher certification in any area.  Candidates who have a bachelor’s level certification in a field other than Collaborative Teacher/Special Education must complete SPE 524 and SPE 534 in addition to the courses listed above.
  • Completion of this program leads to eligibility for fifth-year (master’s) teacher certification in collaborative teacher/special education (K-6). If this certification is the initial (first) certification in collaborative teacher/special education (K-6), successful completion of the appropriate Praxis II examination is required before Practicum, SPE 581 and SPE 584.
  • Students in this program are required to purchase College LiveText. College LiveText Education Solutions is a complete development, man­agement, and assessment solution specifically designed for colleges and universities. Additional information on College LiveText can be obtained at

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