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Graduate Studies

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Counselor Education

Instructional Leadership (P-12)

Core Requirements (30 semester hours):

  • EFD 615 - Leadership in Education (3)
  • IL 612 - Planning and Managing Facilities and Programs (3)
  • IL 614 - Internship in Personnel Development I (3)
  • IL 620 - Internship in Personnel Development II (3)
  • IL 632 - Research in Instructional Leadership (3)
  • IL 650 - Seminar in Curriculum Development (3)
  • IL 691 - Problems in Instructional Leadership I and Internship (3)
  • EFD 620 - Measurement and Evaluation (3)
  • IL 692 - Problems in Instructional Leadership II and Internship (3)
  • EFD 633 - Funding for School Improvement (3)
  • SPE 500 - Survey Course in Special Education (3)
    (Students who have not previously satisfied the Special Education requirement at the undergraduate or graduate level must take SPE 500.)

30 Graduate Semester Hours Required for this Degree


Admission to this program requires fifth-year (master’s) teacher certification in (instructional leadership). 

Completion of this program leads to eligibility for sixth-year teacher certification in instructional leadership (P-12). 

An overall GPA of 3.25 on a 4.0 scale on all course work attempted is required for this program.  Courses used toward the master’s degree or fifth-year/master’s certification may not be repeated or counted for the Ed.S. degree.

The purposes of a Class AA program shall be to prepare educators on the sixth-year level to serve effectively in instructional support positions.  Persons who complete Class AA programs shall have acquired knowledge and skills above the level required for completion of a Class A program.       

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