Alternative Class A Program Master of Science in Education Major: Secondary Education Teaching Field: Mathematics (6-12)

Core Requirements (32 semester hours):

     ESE    500       Research and Statistics in Secondary Education (3)

     ESE    505       Education Methods, Assessment and Technology in Secondary Schools (3)

     ESE    510       Secondary Practicum One and Tutoring Lab (2)

     ESE    520       Methods of Teaching Mathematics (3)

     ESE    534       Secondary Practicum Two (3)

     ESE    561       Foundations of Secondary Education (3)

     ESE    567       Literacy Theory and Practice (3)

     ESE    570       Critical Inquiry in Mathematics (3)

     SPE    500       Survey Course in Special Education (3)

    *ED     595       Internship in Education (3)

      ED     596       Reflective Practices in Education (3)  (Must be taken concurrently with ED 595.)

   Teaching Field Requirement (15 semester hours):

By faculty advisement, select 15 graduate semester hours in mathematics courses. At least half of the 15 semester hours selected must be numbered at the 500 level. A student may transfer no more than three semester hours in the teaching field. This major requires a minimum GPA of 3.0 in the course work in the teaching field. Transfer credit cannot be used to raise the GPA in this teaching field course work to the required 3.0.

 *ED 595, Internship in Education, is equivalent to undergraduate student teaching and requires a semester long internship in the public schools. This must be scheduled during the last semester of course work.


47 Graduate Semester Hours Required for this Degree


Undergraduate Requirements:

     ED     300             Introduction to Teacher Education (2)

    Students must have earned an undergraduate degree in mathematics OR  complete 32 semester hours of undergraduate course work in mathematics with a minimum of 19 hours at the 300-400 levels OR pass the appropriate Praxis II content exam.   Course work must include at least 12 semester hours, or equivalent, beyond the three-course JSU calculus series, including MS 441, Abstract Algebra I.

   Students must have the approval of their advisers in professional studies and in the teaching field BEFORE registering for undergraduate course work to meet the undergraduate requirements/deficiencies specified for the degree.


49-79 Total Undergraduate and Graduate Semester Hours

Required for this Degree




  Students must meet eligibility requirements for the alternative class A teacher certification program.

  Completion of this program leads to eligibility for class A (master’s) teacher certification in mathematics (6-12).

  Candidates admitted (to enroll in courses in a Class A teaching field program) may complete no more than five approved program courses prior to unconditional admission to the program (this includes transfer credit).  Exceptions to this rule must be approved by the Dean of the School of Education and the Dean/Associate Dean of Graduate Studies.

  Successful completion of the appropriate Praxis II examination is required prior to internship for all alternative class A programs.

  Successful completion of the appropriate Praxis II content exam will satisfy the 32/19 content area requirement and/or the 4 x 12 requirement in all Alternative class A programs.  Please see your academic advisor for more information concerning this option.