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Summer Reading Program

Jacksonville State University is proud to present The Fault In Our Stars, by John Green as the 2014 Summer Reading Program selection.


Imagine that you’re sixteen years old, unsure of your clothes, your latest crush, America’s Next Top Model, your future . . . yourself.  Now imagine that, everywhere you go, you must wheel around a small, cylindrical oxygen tank, with tubes snaking up to your nostrils.  While being a teenager is hard enough on its own, Hazel Lancaster has the added bonus of lung cancer.  Trying to live a normal life occupies most of Hazel’s time, that is until Augustus Waters saunters into her cancer support group on his prosthetic leg. 

At times hilarious, at times heartbreaking, John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars captures life and death through the eyes of young adults who come alive for readers.  You will smile over Hazel’s snarky comments; you will swoon over her first date in Amsterdam; and you will never look at those who are ill in quite the same way again.  Therefore, Jacksonville State University is pleased to announce The Fault in Our Stars, a New York Times bestseller and critical success, as the 2014 Summer Reading Program book. 

Students will study and discuss the Summer Reading Program book in English Composition and First-Year Student Experience courses.  The book will also serve as the catalyst for discussion in Freshman Forum and the C.O.C.K.Y. Experience through University Housing and Residence Life. The goals of Jacksonville State University’s Summer Reading Program are to unite the freshman class and to promote thought and action on a variety of relevant issues by reading a common text prior to beginning the first semester of college.

In accord with this year’s selection, students will also enjoy a wide variety of events, including speakers, presentations, and service projects.

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