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Scholarship Listing & Application

Questions concerning the JSU Scholarship program or scholarship application(s) can be addressed to Martin Weldon or Rhonda Noah at or (256) 782-8385. Always include your JSU Student ID number in your correspondence.

Select the scholarships you are interested in applying for using the checkboxes, then fill out the application at the bottom of this page.

Only one application is required after checking all of the scholarships which you meet the requirements.

Some of these scholarships require an essay or other information - -Click on the name of the scholarship to view the specific guidelines or additional requirements.

Select a column to change sorting method. Hold SHIFT Key to select multiple columns.
Note: first column selected sorts first. 

Name Type Value Major
Tate (Dewey & Brenda)UndergraduateVariesAny
Martin (Don B. and Margaret Ann)UndergraduateVariesAny
Rhodes (Janis C.)UndergraduateVariesDrama
Copeland (Rex) MemorialUndergraduateVariesAny
Jones (Randy & Debra)TransferVariesAny
Duncan (Dr. John D.)UndergraduateVariesAny
JSU Ambassador AdministratorUndergraduateVariesAny
Howell (Ken and Jenny)UndergraduateVariesAccounting
Yates (Melvin)UndergraduateVariesAny
Kennamer (Bob & Lou) (Applicant must be a Graduate of Cleburne Cty, Ranburne, Scottsboro or KD Smith HS)Entering Freshman (In-State)VariesAny
Wilson (Barbara T. & Jimmy D.)UndergraduateVariesElementary / Secondary Health & Physical Education
Williams (Ruth F. & Billy R.)UndergraduateVariesAny
Watters (Virginia) (Applicant must be a Graduate of Fayetteville, AL HS)UndergraduateVariesAny
Waldrep (Charlie D.) (Applicant must be a Graduate of any Birmingham, AL HS)UndergraduateVariesAny
VPSA AchievementUndergraduateVariesAny
Stone (Dr. Ernest) MemorialUndergraduateVariesAny
Stanfield (Don) MemorialUndergraduateVariesAny
Sollohub (Justin) MemorialUndergraduateVariesAny
Stamper (Col. Archie) MemorialUndergraduateVariesAny
Sheppard (Mildred)UndergraduateVariesEducation
Savage (Kay Webb & Perry L., M.D.)UndergraduateVariesAny
Mimosa Yearbook EditorUndergraduateVariesAny
Robinson (Ernest)UndergraduateVariesNursing / Education
Reid (Marcus & Jean) (Applicant must be a Graduate of either Jacksonville, Anniston or Bob Jones HS)UndergraduateVariesAny
Reaves (Dr. James) MemorialUndergraduateVariesAny
Phi Beta KappaUndergraduateVariesAny
Pell (Charley)UndergraduateVariesAny
Pelham (Maj. John) MemorialUndergraduateVariesHistory
Pachoud (Manila Henegar Brooks)UndergraduateVariesEducation
Omega Psi PhiUndergraduateVariesAny
Montgomery (Dr. Theron E.)UndergraduateVariesAny
Miles (Larry) MemorialUndergraduateVariesDrama
Merrill (Walter)UndergraduateVariesPre-Law
McGee (Dr. Harold)UndergraduateVariesAny
Lovett (Opal R. & Opal A.)UndergraduateVariesArt, English or History
Lewis (Gary O.) (Applicant must be a Graduate of Gadsden City HS)UndergraduateVariesAny
Lewis (Aaron)UndergraduateVariesAny
King (Sunny) Toyota EntrepreneurialUndergraduateVariesCommerce / Business
Phi Theta Kappa (JSU Presidential Transfer Scholarship)Transfer12 in-state tuition hours per semesterAny
General FundUndergraduateVariesAny
Gamble (Linda Gail Waldrop)UndergraduateVariesEducation
Ford (Joe & Brenda)UndergraduateVariesAny
Floyd (Marjorie)UndergraduateVariesAny
Fitzpatrick MemorialUndergraduateVariesAny
Finley (Nile Borden) MemorialUndergraduateVariesElementary Education
Finley (Dr. Wayne & Dr. Sara)UndergraduateVariesMathematics / Science / Secondary Education / Pre-Professional
Dempsey (Charon) MemorialUndergraduateVariesMathematics / Math Education
Curley (Andrew) MemorialUndergraduateVariesEducation
Cottingham (Harry & Jean)UndergraduateVariesEducation- Math or Science
Calhoun (Charles & Doris)UndergraduateVariesEducation
Buttram (Judge H. Dean)UndergraduateVariesPolitical Science, History, Psychology, Sociology, English, Business or Criminal Justice
Bush (Newbern) MemorialUndergraduateVariesMathematics
Arrington (Athena) MemorialUndergraduateVariesElementary Education
Presidential TransferTransfer12 in-state tuition hours per semesterAny
Stone (Kitty)GraduateVariesEducation
Carr (Dr. William)GraduateVariesAny
Amerson (Minta) Memorial (Applicant must be a Graduate of Berry HS)GraduateVariesEducation
Ledbetter (Lilly)Entering First Time Freshman (In-State)VariesAny
Peoples (Toby M.) Annual Scholarship (Applicant must be a graduate of a Blount County High School)Entering First Time Freshman (In-State)VariesAny
Regions Bank Scholarship (AL high school graduate)Entering First Time Freshman (In-State)VariesPre-Business
Blount County Endowed Scholarship (Applicant must be a graduate of a Blount County High School)Entering First Time Freshman (In-State)VariesAny
Young (Ruth & Millard) (Applicant must be a Graduate of Piedmont HS)UndergraduateVariesAny
Womack (Jack & Kathy) (Applicant must be a Graduate of Oneonta HS)Entering Freshman (In-State)VariesAny
Wilson (L.T.)Entering Freshman (In-State)VariesMathematics / Physics
Wilson Achievement (P.O. & Margaret)Entering Freshman (In-State)Full tuition, Residential Housing & Meals, BooksAny
Williams (Paul & Delia) (Applicant must be a Graduate of Ohatchee HS)Entering Freshman (In-State)VariesAny
Williams (Maj. Dwayne) Citizenship Award (Applicant must be a Graduate of Jacksonville HS)Entering Freshman (In-State)VariesAny
ValedictorianACT/SAT Entering Freshman (In-State)16 in-state tuition hours per semesterAny
Triumphant Schools (Applicant must be a Graduate of any Calhoun Cty HS)Entering Freshman (In-State)VariesAny
Stewart (John Morgan) (Applicant must be a Graduate of Piedmont or Spring Garden HS)Entering Freshman (In-State)VariesAny
Richey (Tom & Freda) (Applicant must be a Graduate of Guntersville HS)Entering Freshman (In-State)VariesEducation
Peacock (Bill & Catherine) FreshmanEntering Freshman (In-State)VariesAny
Moon (Don M.) MemorialEntering Freshman (In-State)VariesAny
Miller (Bill) MemorialEntering Freshman (In-State)VariesAny
Merrill (Judge Pelham)Entering Freshman (In-State)VariesAny
Mathews (Pete) Memorial (Applicant must be a Graduate of Central High School of Clay County)Entering Freshman (In-State)VariesAny
Leadership (ACT 20 or above or SAT 950 or above)ACT/SAT Entering Freshman (In-State)12 in-state tuition hours per semesterAny
Hamric (Grace) (Applicant must be a Graduate of Jacksonville HS)Entering Freshman (In-State)VariesAny
Hallman (Charlie & Edith) (Applicant must be a Graduate of Guntersville HS)Entering Freshman (In-State)VariesAny
Grimes (Charles & Mary) (Applicant must be a Graduate of Gardendale HS)Entering Freshman (In-State)VariesAny
Grimes (Charles & Mary) (Applicant must be a Graduate of Mortimer Jordan HS)Entering Freshman (In-State)VariesAny
Gorey (Cissy) (Applicant must be a Graduate of Donoho HS)Entering Freshman (In-State)VariesAny
Gem of the Hills Scholars (ACT 22 - 23; or SAT 1030 -1100)ACT/SAT Entering Freshman (In-State)6 in-state tuition hours per semesterAny
Garner (Tim) (Applicant must be a Graduate of Cherokee Cty HS)Entering Freshman (In-State)VariesAny
Gamecock Scholars (ACT 24 - 25; or SAT 1110 -1180)ACT/SAT Entering Freshman (In-State)9 in-state tuition hours per semesterAny
Farmers & Merchants Bank (Applicant must be a Graduate of Piedmont HS)Entering Freshman (In-State)VariesAny
Faculty Scholars (ACT 26 - 29; or SAT 1190 - 1330)ACT/SAT Entering Freshman (In-State)16 in-state tuition hours per semesterAny
Exchange Club (Applicant must be a Graduate of Jacksonville HS)Entering Freshman (In-State)VariesAny
Elite Scholars (ACT 30 or above; or SAT 1340 or above)ACT/SAT Entering Freshman (In-State)16 in-state tuition hours per semester, Housing & Meal PlanAny
Elite Honors (ACT 30 or above; or SAT 1340 or above)ACT/SAT Entering Freshman (In-State)16 in-state tuition hours, Housing, Meal Plan, Books & Lap-top ComputerAny
Dedrick (Thomas & Angelita) (Applicant must be a Graduate of Greensboro HS)Entering Freshman (In-State)VariesAny
Cole (Leone) MemorialEntering Freshman (In-State)VariesAny
Arab, AL Rotary Club (Applicant must be a Graduate of Arab HS)Entering Freshman (In-State)VariesAny
Adams (Bester A.) (Applicant must be a Graduate of Oxford HS)Entering Freshman (In-State)VariesEducation
JSU ROTC Gamecock BattalionAll Students6 in-state tuition hours per semesterAny
NEAEI Summer Film StudyAll StudentsVariesAny
Boy Scouts - Eagle ScoutEntering Freshman (In-State)VariesAny
Williams - BlairAll StudentsVariesAny
Whorton (J.P.) (Applicant must be a Graduate of Pisgah HS)All StudentsVariesAny
Whitestone (Heather) Miss AmericaUndergraduateVariesAny
White (Wanda)UndergraduateVariesEducation- Early Childhood
Johnson (J.C.U.) (Graduate of a Calhoun County HS)All StudentsVariesAny
Wells FargoUndergraduateVariesCommerce / Business
Shamblin (Harold)UndergraduateVariesEducation
Political Science, JSU FacultyUndergraduateVariesPolitical Science / Public Administration
Owen (Randy)UndergraduateVariesEnglish
Millican (E.L.) Memorial (Applicant must be a Graduate of Valley Head or Pisgah HS)All StudentsVariesAny
McWhorter (Earlon & Betty)All StudentsVariesAny
McSpadden (Clyde)All StudentsVariesAny
McClendon (Eloise)All StudentsVariesAny
Manes (Agnes)All StudentsVariesAny
Lindsey (Billy S.)All StudentsVariesAny
King (Sunny) MemorialAll StudentsVariesAny
JSU Vendor / MeritAll StudentsVariesAny
JSU Faculty Women's ClubAll StudentsVariesAny
Johnson (Loaz W. & Maybeth B.)All StudentsVariesAny
Hill (Ed) MemorialAll StudentsAnyArt / Communications
Higginbotham (Miriam)All StudentsVariesAny
Hendon (Woodrow)All StudentsVariesAny
Hale (David F.)All StudentsVariesAny
Greer & Rushing (Ester & Hester)UndergraduateVariesEducation
Girl Scout Gold AwardEntering Freshman (In-State)VariesAny
Elliott (Joseph Walker) MemorialAll StudentsVariesAny
Edwards (Gus) MemorialAll StudentsVariesAny
Dryden (Robert C.)All StudentsVariesAny
Dixon (Gov. Frank) MemorialAll StudentsVariesAny
Cox (Chris) MemorialAll StudentsVariesAny
Cole (Martha) MemorialAll StudentsVariesAny
Burger King / Ingram (Applicant must be a Graduate of Arab or Marshall Cty HS)All StudentsVariesAny
Bragg (Margaret) (Applicant must be a Graduate of any Calhoun Cty HS)All StudentsVariesEnglish
Boozer (David)All StudentsVariesAny
Bolt (A.W.)All StudentsVariesAny
Barnard (Grace) MemorialAll StudentsVariesAny
Anders (James A.) MemorialAll StudentsVariesHistory
Allison (Loy)All StudentsVariesAny
Alabama PowerUndergraduateVariesCommerce / Business
Lambda Gamma of Kappa Sigma MemorialAll StudentsVariesAny
Parker (Liza)UndergraduateVariesSocial Work
Sarrell (Lea Blocker) UndergraduateVariesNursing
Burke (Golden)UndergraduateVariesEducation
Prater (Janet)UndergraduateVariesFamily & Consumer Science
Maxwell (Winna Faye)UndergraduateVariesFamily & Consumer Science
Sodexo UndergraduateVariesFamily & Consumer Science - Hospitality and Culinary Management
Miller (Ken) MemorialAll StudentsVariesScience / Technology / Engineering / Math (STEM)
Administrative and Business AffairsAll StudentsVariesAny
Stone McCurdyUndergraduateVariesFamily & Consumer Science
Physical Plant AssociationAll StudentsVariesAny
Serviss (Joseph A. and Carolyn H.)UndergraduateVariesNursing
ROTC - Elite Letterman's ClubCollege/DeptVariesAny
ROTC - Anniston Elks Lodge #189College/DeptVariesAny
Peacock (Bill & Catherine) CEPSUndergraduateVariesEducation
Alumni - JSU AssociationAll StudentsVariesAny
Storey (Jim and Sherry Brady-Storey)UndergraduateVariesAccounting / Education
Northeast Chapter of the Alabama Society of Certified Public AccountantsUndergraduateVariesAccounting
Williams (Maj. Dwayne) General ListingUndergraduateVariesBusiness
Alabama State NursingUndergraduateVariesNursing
Student Athletic Support ScholarshipCollege/DeptVariesAny
ROTC - Miller (CPT Richard C) EndowedCollege/DeptVariesAny
Bailey (Patricia C)UndergraduateVariesNursing
McNair (Nicole Cannon) MemorialUndergraduateVariesNursing
Killebrew (Katherine)All StudentsVariesEducation
Alumni - Marshall County ChapterCollege/DeptVariesAny
ROTC - Blount (2LT Matthew)College/DeptVariesAny
Jensen (Derek Thomas)UndergraduateVariesEmergency Management
Kendrick (Ms. & Mrs. Steve)UndergraduateVariesAccounting / Management
Whitaker (Roger & Debra)UndergraduateVariesAccounting
Moersch (Dr. & Mrs. Robert)UndergraduateVariesFinance / Economics
Special Education ServicesCollege/DeptVariesEducation
Sowell (Dr. Elizabeth)UndergraduateVariesFamily & Consumer Science - Nutrition and Foods
Sentell (Mark A.)UndergraduateVariesBusiness
PDK Prospective EducatorEntering Freshman (In-State)VariesEducation
Ledbetter (Doris) MemorialUndergraduateVariesEducation / Nursing
Holaway (Gary & Sandra)UndergraduateVariesMusic
Drama AuditionsAll StudentsVariesDrama
Mulder (Gweneth)UndergraduateVariesSociology / Social Work
Knighton (Audrey)UndergraduateVariesSociology / Social Work
Browder (Glen, Becky & JennyUndergraduateVariesPolitical Science
Calvert (Dr. William) MemorialUndergraduate12 in-state tuition hours, 2 semestersEnglish
Phi Eta Sigma Honor SocietyCollege/DeptVariesAny
Internships (Washington DC Center)UndergraduateVariesPolitical Science
Writing ScholarshipEntering Freshman (In-State)12 in-state tuition hours, 2 semestersAny
Writing Clinic All Students12 in-state semester hours, 1 semesterAny
Stewart (John R)International (Out of State)VariesAny
Nixon (Alethea) (Applicant must be a Graduate of Marshall Cty HS or Snead State Transfer)UndergraduateVariesEmergency Management
Spain - HickmanInternational (Out of State)VariesAny
Jones (James H. & Myra Hume) MemorialInternational (Out of State)VariesAny
Ingram MemorialInternational (Out of State)VariesAny
Daugette MemorialInternational (Out of State)VariesAny
Nabors (Wallace A.) (Applicant must be a Graduate of Glencoe HS)UndergraduateVariesEducation
Anniston Rotary International HouseInternational (Out of State)VariesAny
Alabama Federated Women's Clubs International HouseInternational (Out of State)VariesAny
Longshore (Morris & Essie) MemorialInternational (Out of State)VariesAny
International Student OrganizationInternational (Out of State)VariesAny
Chanticleer EditorCollege/DeptVariesAny
Page (John G.)College/DeptVariesAny
Morris (Matt) CheerleadingAll StudentsVariesAny
Banister (Chris) MemorialCollege/DeptVariesAthletics - Golf
Willman (Leon & Dorothy)UndergraduateVariesMusic
Walters (Dr. Dave)All StudentsVariesAny
Sparrowhawk (Miles T.)UndergraduateVariesAny
Gadsden Music CompanyAll StudentsVariesAny
Music AuditionsAll StudentsVariesAny
Band AuditionsCollege/DeptVariesAny
Arnold (Dr. Herman) MemorialAll StudentsVariesAny
Information Assurance Scholarship Program (IASP)College/DeptVariesComputer Science, Mathematics, Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems, or Electronics Technology
CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE Enhanced Mathematics, Computer & Engineering Technology (EMCETS)College/DeptVariesComputer Science, Mathematics, Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems, or Electronics Technology
Yocum (Dr. Virginia)UndergraduateVariesFamily & Consumer Science
Matthews (Hazel)UndergraduateVariesFamily & Consumer Science - FCS Education
Lowery (Mary) MemorialUndergraduateVariesFamily & Consumer Science
Clark (Louise Rhodes)UndergraduateVariesFamily & Consumer Science
Woodrow (Ann)UndergraduateVariesNursing
VanMarter (Martha) MGMAUndergraduateVariesNursing
Sterene (Dorothy) MemorialUndergraduateVariesNursing
Sigma Theta TauUndergraduateVariesNursing
Moersch (Dr. Barbara)UndergraduateVariesNursing
MGMA Nursing (Calhoun County Medical)UndergraduateVariesNursing
Lawler (Carol) MemorialUndergraduateVariesNursing
Kirby (Eydie)UndergraduateVariesNursing
Justice (Karen)UndergraduateVariesNursing
Hooper (Victoria)UndergraduateVariesNursing
Harvey (Brian)UndergraduateVariesNursing
Goodman (Dr. Patricia)UndergraduateVariesNursing
Gibbins (Dr. George)UndergraduateVariesNursing
Carlson (Kathy)UndergraduateVariesNursing
Calhoun County Medical Alliance SocietyUndergraduateVariesNursing
Areno (Tony)UndergraduateVariesNursing
ROTC - Williams (MAJ Dwayne) MemorialCollege/DeptVariesAny
ROTC - Tate (Dewey E.)College/DeptVariesAny
ROTC - Savage (LTC Jerry) MemorialCollege/DeptVariesAny
ROTC - Rogan (MAJ James P.) MemorialCollege/DeptVariesAny
ROTC - NE AL Military Officer Assoc (MOAA)College/DeptVariesAny
ROTC - Miller (CPT Richard) MemorialCollege/DeptVariesAny
ROTC - McNabb (CPT Jerry) MemorialCollege/DeptVariesAny
ROTC - McBride III (1LT Grady) MemorialCollege/DeptVariesAny
ROTC - Lee (Scott) MemorialCollege/DeptVariesAny
ROTC - Jones (Joseph C.) MemorialCollege/DeptVariesAny
ROTC - Heathcock (COL James) MemorialCollege/DeptVariesAny
ROTC - Ft. McClellan Credit UnionCollege/DeptVariesAny
ROTC - Comfort (CPT Kyle) MemorialCollege/DeptVariesAny
ROTC - Boozer (James & Ethel) MemorialCollege/DeptVariesAny
ROTC - Besler (CPT Donnie) MemorialCollege/DeptVariesAny
ROTC - Alumni ChapterCollege/DeptVariesAny
Selig (Ernst S.) Custodial Corrections OfficerUndergraduateVariesCriminal Justice - Corrections
Criminal Justice - MSGraduateVariesCriminal Justice - MS
Criminal Justice - LEUndergraduateVariesCriminal Justice - Law Enforcement
Criminal Justice - ForensicsUndergraduateVariesCriminal Justice - Forensic Investigations
Criminal Justice - CorrectionsUndergraduateVariesCriminal Justice - Corrections
Calhoun / Cleburne County Bar Association (CCCBA)UndergraduateVariesCriminal Justice
Alumni - Criminal JusticeCollege/DeptVariesCriminal Justice
Alumni - Association Annual LegacyCollege/DeptVariesAny
Alumni - Piedmont ChapterCollege/DeptVariesAny
Alumni - Nursing ChapterCollege/DeptVariesNursing
Alumni - Greater Washington DC Area ChapterCollege/DeptVariesAny
Alumni - Greater Rome GA Area ChapterCollege/DeptVariesAny
Alumni - Greater Huntsville Area ChapterCollege/DeptVariesAny
Alumni - Greater Birmingham Area ChapterCollege/DeptVariesAny
Alumni - Georgia ChapterCollege/DeptVariesAny
Alumni - Etowah County ChapterCollege/DeptVariesAny
Alumni - Cherokee County ChapterCollege/DeptVariesAny
Alumni - Calhoun County ChapterCollege/DeptVariesAny
Alumni - Blount County ChapterCollege/DeptVariesAny
Alumni - Black Alumni ChapterCollege/DeptVariesAny
WJSU-TV DirectorCollege/DeptVariesAny
Price - Montgomery (WJSU-TV)UndergraduateVariesAny
Chemistry Department (JSU Faculty Scholarship)College/DeptVariesChemistry
Visual Art SocietyUndergraduateVariesArt
Art DepartmentAll StudentsVariesArt
Mogil (Shirley)UndergraduateVariesArt
Manners (Lee & Jetta)UndergraduateVariesArt
Kirkland (Shirley)UndergraduateVariesArt
Jenkins (Julian)UndergraduateVariesArt
Crews (Joey)UndergraduateVariesArt
Art AchievementUndergraduateVariesArt
Parker (Jeffrey)College/DeptVariesCommerce / Business
Hardy (Ben & Linda)UndergraduateVariesBusiness
Beta Gamma SigmaCollege/DeptVariesCommerce / Business
Warren, Averett, Kimbrough & MarinoUndergraduateVariesAccounting
Trathen (Robert) MemorialUndergraduateVariesAccounting
Pearce, Bevill, Leesburg & MooreUndergraduateVariesAccounting
Freeman (Charles & Stephanie)UndergraduateVariesAccounting
Collins - McCainUndergraduateVariesAccounting / Business
Collins (John H.) MemorialUndergraduateVariesAccounting
Alabama Society of Certified Public Accountants Educational FoundationAll StudentsVariesAccounting
Academic Management College/DeptVariesAny
McCain (Hugh B.)UndergraduateVariesSociology
Vice (Teresa Cunningham)UndergraduateVariesNursing
Mimosa Scholars (ACT 22 - 25 or above; or SAT 1030 - 1180)ACT/SAT Entering Freshman (Out-State)6 in-state tuition hours per semesterAny
Magnolia Scholars (ACT 26 to 29; or SAT 1190 to 1330)ACT/SAT Entering Freshman (Out-State)9 in-state tuition hours per semesterAny
Leadership (ACT 20 or above or SAT 950 or above)ACT/SAT Entering Freshman (Out-State)12 in-state tuition hours per semesterAny
Camellia Scholars (ACT 30 or above; or SAT 1340 or above)ACT/SAT Entering Freshman (Out-State)16 in-state tuition hours per semesterAny

General Information

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Note: If you scored at least 22 on the ACT or 1030 on the SAT, and are an entering freshman, you will be considered for the entering freshman JSU Academic scholarships. Once your application is submitted and you retake and score higher on the ACT or SAT it is the students responsibility to notify the scholarship office of your increased score.

Background Information

Are you a first generation college student? Yes     No
Please indicate the highest level of education for your parents
Were you raised in a single parent home? Yes     No
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    Music Piano     Music Showchoir - Encore!     Music Voice

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Returning JSU Students

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Current JSU Nursing Students, Select your Upper Division Level:
1st Semester (NU 311/309/306)
2nd Semester (NU 322/325/326)
3rd Semester (NU 403/404/422)
4th Semester (NU 424/426/433)

Additional Information

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