Canyon Center Quotes

"We enjoyed our visit to your facility very much. We always look forward to coming to Fort Payne and especially visiting Little River Canyon. The canyon and DeSoto State Park Falls is the highlight of our trip. I've lived in Hawaii and it is beautiful, but I enjoy the beauty of the canyon more. The friendliness of the people in your area and at your facility can't compare to anywhere else I've ever been. Keep up the good work! Can't wait to see the new entrance so us Arkansas folks can find you easier!:)"

Gerald Bolin
Cherokee Village, Arkansas
May 2012


"I am writing to thank you and your office for your help in hosting our recent bar meeting ... The meeting rooms as well as the kitchen facilities exceeded our expectations ... After receiving such a great response from our members, we are hopeful that we can make the meeting at the Little River Canyon Center an annual event."

Wesley S. Mobley
Cherokee County Bar President

"Thanks Canyon Center for providing the beautiful venue for my daughter's wedding 10/29. The venue is perfect for an elegant rustic wedding! Thanks also to the staff of the Canyon Center who worked so hard to make the wedding a success. I recommend a wedding here very highly!"

Connie Williams Knauf
Atlanta, Georgia


“I have not been to this facility before, and I’m blown away…It is really neat, just driving up the mountain here, and the setting…the rooms are very spacious; they’re well lit and the technology is first-class and we’ve been treated with great hospitality since we’ve been here; it’s been a good day.”

Craig Linhoss 
TVA/Economic Development


“I was out at the Grand Canyon and this kind of reminds me of some of the facilities but this is right here in Alabama, so I believe that it’s really a hidden gem.”

Todd Greeson
Alabama State Representative District 24 (Dekalb)


“When we first started talking about this facility, one of the things that I thought the public needed to have was an opportunity to know that park staff, and our volunteers, and our front desk would all be located at a place right near where the park was so that if people had business to do with the park, if they wanted to come visit the park, or get information about the park, they would be able be right next to the park or even in the park to obtain all of that.”

John Bundy
Superintendent, Little River Canyon National Preserve


“This is an old Highway 35 bridge; we just finished construction on a new bridge that is the state of the art in Alabama; we have the old bridge that was taken apart and it just made sense to recycle it; that’s what this building is about and that’s what the whole conservation core thinking and our actions evolve around…and recycling is one part of it.”

BJ Johnson
Retired LRCC Coordinator


“So many things about this center are leading-edge as far as the community, as far as the Southeast, and far as outreach from Jacksonville State University as well so it’s a real asset to us here in Dekalb County.”

Dr. John Anderson
Chairman—Dekalb County Economic Development Authority Board


“It’s just a great addition to North Alabama, to the city of Fort Payne, to Dekalb County, Alabama, and all of Alabama in reality.”

Bill Jordan
Mayor, Fort Payne, AL


“As Sales and Service Coordinator, I also deal with the building rentals and it’s a fantastic place to have a wedding, a conference, a meeting, any kind of private event that you would like to have, this facility has all of the bells and whistles to fit your needs.”

Anna Lindsey
Sales and Services Coordinator


“Being from Athens, Georgia and not having enough beautiful scenery to appreciate and take in, it makes me happy to know that facilities like the Little River Canyon Center exist thanks to Jacksonville State University’s Environmental Policy and Information Center. I believe that the great outdoors should be appreciated and that many different outdoor recreational and educational opportunities should be available to the public and that’s exactly what the Canyon Center provides.”

Shea McCutchen
UGA student intern for JSU EPIC