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English Language Institute

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Tuition & Fees

Tuition ($1,950) and university fees ($278) total $2,228 per session. Save $200 when you pay for two sessions.

Other Costs

Each session you will have the following expenses for food, housing, health insurance, and study materials: 


A university meal plan with unlimited meals costs $1,596 per semester ($798 per session). A variety of cafeterias and restaurants are included in all meal plans.


University housing costs $2,626 per semester ($1,313 per session), plus a one-time application fee of $200. Living alongside other English-speaking students will be a powerful way to boost your languge skills!

Health Insurance

You must have health insurance before you can start classes. You will receive further instructions with your Acceptance Packet, but you should calculate a cost of $150 or more.

Study Materials

Books and supplies for your classes will average $75.


You should not have any necessary expenses here. Airport pickup is free on Arrival Days, all ELI trips and events are included, and university buses serve the campus and the town of Jacksonville at no cost.
Note: University health facilities, sports, and entertainment events are usually free for students.

Cost per Session





= 7 weeks = 1 semester = 5 months = 1 academic year
Tuition 1,950 3,900 5,850 7,800
University Housing 1,313 2,626 3,939 5,252
Meal Plan 798 1,596 2,394 3,192
Study Materials 75 150 225 300
Health Insurance 150 300 450 600
Housing Application Fee 200 200 200 200
General University Fee 100 200 300 400
Technology Fee 50 100 150 200
ELI Activity Fee 80 160 240 320
Athletic Fee 25 50 75 100
Student Activity Fee 13 25 38 50
JSU Student ID Card 10 10 10 10
TOTAL COST $4,764 $9,317 $13,871 $18,424

Total Required

Before International Admissions can prepare Form I-20 you must show funds of at least $20,000, enough to study at ELI for a full academic year. The $20,000 can come from more than one source.

After you arrive, if you successfully complete ELI after only one session (for example, if you are just "brushing up" your skills), you may actually spend only $4,764 plus any costs for travel, entertainment, clothing, and other personal expenses. 

Part-time Study

For U.S. citizens and permanent residents, ELI also offers the option to study part time. In addition, F-2 and J-2 visa holders (the family of full-time students) may also study part time. These individuals can choose from a variety of intensive English courses, with prices for classes starting at $200 for seven weeks. Please contact to learn more about part-time study.

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