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Before You Arrive

ELI Pre-Arrival Checklist

Please print this list and use it in your preparation to attend the JSU English Language Institute. This document will help you, as well as the ELI staff, to prepare for your upcoming experience in the United States.

I have informed the ELI that I have received my visa.
I have made arrangements with the ELI concerning housing upon my arrival in Jacksonville.
I have informed the ELI about my flight arrangements.
I have made arrangements with the ELI to be picked up at the airport.
I have considered how I will access money while in the U.S.
I am prepared to pay all of my expenses (housing, tuition, transportation, food, insurance, etc.) upon arrival.
I have the ELI contact information and airport arrival information with me.

Hartsfield/Jackson Atlanta International Airport Arrival Instructions for JSU ELI Students

Important telephone numbers if you have problems on arrival day: English Language Institute's main office (long distance; dial from Atlanta as shown) - 1-256-782-8350 or 1-256-782-8369 (Monday-Friday,
8:00am-4:30pm Central time). Note: Atlanta is on Eastern time, which is one hour ahead of Central time.

Where will I meet the ELI staff member?

The ELI staff member will usually have a sign with your name on it (in English letters). They will wait for you at your baggage claim carousel or at the top of the very long escalator at the end of the airport's underground rail system.

What if my arrival time or flight number changes?
Please contact the ELI and provide the new flight information as soon as you know of the change.
What if I cannot find the ELI staff member who is picking me up from the airport?
Please wait at the baggage carousel until everyone from your flight is gone. If you still cannot find the ELI staff member, call one of the numbers above.

What if I lose my luggage?
Although losing luggage is not a frequent occurrence, it does sometimes happen. If you do lose your luggage, the ELI representative will help you fill out the necessary forms for the airline to return the luggage to you. It usually takes between 24-72 hours before lost luggage is found and delivered to you (usually at no cost), so pack at least one change of clothes and necessary personal items in your carry-on luggage, just in case. Also, put the ELI address on and in your luggage. If lost, the luggage will be delivered to us and not returned to your home country.
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