Questions and Answers

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What will the classes be like?

The intensive English classes (5+ hours per day) are challenging but enjoyable. Our curriculum will prepare you for the demands of an American university, with an emphasis on the ability to use English effectively in real-world situations.

Who will my teachers be?

All ELI teachers are experienced professionals with Masters degrees. They will provide expert instruction and guidance as you acquire English.

What can we do beyond the classroom?

When you become a student at ELI, you are also a student at Jacksonville State University. Your JSU Student Card will be your keyto university events, housing, restaurants, and services.

Plus, every week there will be ELI-onlytrips to nearby attractions and cities. See the list of adventures on our Facebook page!

How long will I need to study English?

This depends on your present English level and your goal. Most students need two or more sessions (four months) before they see the results that they need. If you are continuing to a JSU undergraduate or graduate program, remember that you do not need a TOEFL or IELTS scoreif you request "Conditional Admission" as soon as you arrive.

Where will I live?

There are many kinds of housing on the JSU campusAs soon as you receive your visa you can reserve housing online. Remember, having an American roommate is an excellent way to improve your English skills!

Can you give me a student visa?

The U.S. Embassy in your country, not the university, will make the decision to issue a visa. The university can issue the form I-20 (for F-1) or DS-2019 (for J-1), which you then take to the U.S. Embassy to apply for a student visa. You must contact the U.S. Embassy in your area to schedule an appointment and get information on paperwork that needs to be presented during the visa interview process.

When should I apply by?

Check the “Apply by” date on the Session Dates page. It’s better to apply early because it is not certain how long the visa process will take.

How will I get to the JSU campus from the airport?

After new students are accepted to the program, they can register for free Airport Pickupfrom Atlanta. Alternatively, one can travel independently by taxi, bus, or train.

Where is the campus located?

The beautiful and active campus of JSU, known as "the friendliest campus in the South"is in Jacksonville, Alabama about 1 ½ hours from Atlanta and Birmingham.