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eli_scheduleCORE GRAMMAR
In this course you will master English grammar as you develop listening and speaking skills.  Through audio clips, videos, presentations, and plenty of conversation you will become confident understanding and expressing yourself in spoken English.

This course will enable you to successfully read and write academic English.  You will be immersed in the world of academic reading, writing, and critical thinking.  You will improve these skills and add to your vocabulary by reading articles in such areas as sociology, technology, and travel, analyzing them, and then writing your own academic papers.

In this course you will become confident speaking to different types of audiences, and confident speaking fluently with individuals.  While having fun with interesting topics that engage you and your audience in meaningful ways, you will deliver 14 speeches as well as learning and practicing techniques to maintain successful conversation.

"Intro" will introduce you to the college experience before you enter college. You will step outside the language classroom to visit real college classes, meet professors of different subjects and tour their departments, talk with undergraduate international students, learn about important university resources such as the library, the tutoring center, and career services, and participate in many cultural, sports, and other activities and events. And beyond Jacksonville you will explore regional cultural attractions, nature reserves, Fortune 500 businesses, and other places of interest in the greater community.

This is a simulation of a "real" university class. It requires academic reading, writing, and classroom discussion, while at the same time introducing you to the history of the country where you are living.

In this course you will practice the sounds of American English, including intonation, stress patterns, and other elements that fluent speakers recognize and use.  Fun activities, unique exercises for producing sound, and constructive peer analysis will encourage you to improve how you express yourself verbally.

In this optional course you can prepare for either IELTS or the TOEFL, tests that are commonly required for admission to American universities.  In the course you will learn test-taking strategies, take practice tests, and analyze correct answers.

In this optional course, the carefully selected movies will introduce you to different aspects of United States culture. Then, when the movie is over, you will discuss the characters, analyze specific scenes, and consider the cultural relevance of the movie.  Yes, there will be popcorn!

You will be matched with a JSU student with whom you will meet every week under the guidance of an ELI teacher. In addition to valuable practice listening and speaking, you will learn more about JSU and American culture.
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