Steps to Apply

Freshmen, Transfer and Alternative 5th year students should apply to Jacksonville State University (JSU) six months prior to enrollment. 

If you have not already applied to Jacksonville State University, an application for admission can be obtained online:

Teacher Education Programs may be altered to meet changes in institutional, federal, and Alabama State Department of Education regulations. The College of Education and Professional Studies reserves the right to correct, alter, amend, or modify any item contained in this document. The most current requirements and regulations are described herein. These are requirements for eligibility to Teacher Education only.

The Alabama State Department of Education requires an applicant for Alabama certification to be fingerprinted and pass a background check. All State certification decisions are the authority of the Alabama State Department of Education.

Candidates are formally admitted to Class B and Alternative-A teacher education programs upon meeting all eligibility requirements. Candidates must be formally admitted to their program no later than the semester prior to internship.  Admission to the university does not guarantee formal admission to Teacher Education Programs. 

The College of Education and Professional Studies requires the ACT, including writing, as a TEP eligibility requirement.

If a candidate has an ACT score within the past ten years of the date of the application, we will accept it. Candidates entering for Fall 2020 semester that have taken and passed all three components of the Praxis Core will not need to take the ACT + writing. Those entering under the emergency waiver that we provided for PRAXIS Core and eligibility must have an ACT + writing score on file to move forward into Spring 2021 semester. For those interns proceeding to Internship that were not previously designated with an UA date, they will proceed without regard to the ACT requirement.

Taking the Exam on Campus

Successfully complete Introduction to Teacher Education:

     ED 302 for Undergraduate Class B

     MU 244 for Music Ed Majors

     ED 501 for Alternative Class A

Prior to eligibility, undergraduate teacher candidates seeking Class B certification engage in a variety of experiences with P-12 students before and during ED 302 or MU 244. In addition to tutoring and early field experiences, candidates taking the introductory foundations in education course (ED 302 or MU 244), engage in multiple video case analysis exercises to gain an understanding of teaching, student diversity, ethics and professional responsibilities. 

Teacher candidates are also introduced to the College of Education and Professional Studies Selectivity and Monitoring Policies. Candidates must progress successfully through the selectivity and monitoring gateways from program admission to completion. To monitor progression through the gateways, candidates will be assessed regularly using the Teacher Candidate Disposition Assessment (TCDA). Candidates that display unsatisfactory progress, either from dispositional or academic performance, may be subject to a Teacher Candidate Plan of Action (TCPoA) for remediation. Remediation plans are designed using a person-centered process appropriate to the area of remediation. Two or more TCPoA and/or unsatisfactory progress at any point may result in referral for counseling out of the teacher education program. View a copy of the TCDA/TCPoA documents.

Complete fingerprinting for a background clearance from Gemalto Cogent Systems.

Step 1:  Registration - Register online at Gemalto Cogent Systems

Step 2:  Payment - Fingerprint fee of $48.15 may be made online at time of registration. 

Step 3:  Fingerprinting - Visit any Gemalto Cogent fingerprint location in Alabama.  See Print Locations and Hours at Gemalto Cogent Systems.  Fingerprints are processed by appointment.  Also, a valid, government issued photo ID must be presented at the time of the appointment.

Step 4:  Results - You will receive a letter from the Alabama State Department of Education (ALSDE) stating that you have been printed and are suitable to teach.  Teacher Education Services will access background clearance from the ALSDE portal. Previous clearance (substitute license, teacher's aide, or school staff) may be acceptable. Please contact the Teacher Service Center for more information.

Out-of-State Procedures

If you live out of state and cannot come to a Gemalto Cogent site in Alabama to have your prints taken electronically, you may submit a fingerprint card typically done at your local law enforcement agency.  Please include a money order or cashier's check payable to Gemalto Cogent in the amount of $56.15 to the following address.  

   ALSDE Cards Scan
   639 N. Rosemead Blvd.
   Pasadena, CA  91107

It is suggested that you have two (2) fingerprint cards printed but submit only one (1) to Gemalto Cogent.  In the event your first card is rejected, you would be required to submit your second card at a later date.

One Undergraduate Recommendation for Teacher Education Forms 

  • An electronic Recommendation will be provided by your ED 302 (MU 244 or ED 501 respectively) Introduction to Education instructor. (If you have taken Introduction to Education in a previous semester, another Professional Studies instructor will provide your recommendation.)
  • Please see (document) for your reference.

Undergraduates will complete a minimum of 54 semester hours in which at least 48 semester hours are in the general studies area.


Complete an Alternative Class A Undergraduate Course Evaluation. Evaluations must be scheduled with the Teacher Education Services office after application to Graduate Studies has been made.

Minimum GPA Requirements for Program Eligibility:

     Class B (Bachelor's Level) Programs:

          2.75 Overall GPA

          2.75 Teaching Field GPA

          2.75 Professionals Studies GPA

( A minimum 2.75 is required in the areas of Overall,Teaching Field, & Professional Studies to maintain eligibility in the Teacher Education Program)

GPA and Prior Degree Requirements for Alt Class A Programs

  •           Hold an overall GPA of 2.75 or higher on an undergraduate degree from a regionally accredited institutions; -OR-
  •           Hold an overall GPA or 2.00-2.74 on an undergraduate degree from a regionally accredited institution AND meet the alternate score on the PRAXIS subject-area test(s) prior to unconditional admission.

Undergraduate Class B and Alternative Class A candidates, please read, sign, and submit the Statement of Understanding.