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Application Requirements

Application Requirements for the JSU School of Education Teacher Education Program (Initial Level)

Students are required to follow the application procedure described below for the Teacher Education Program. Refer to the JSU undergraduate and graduate catalogues (Academic Regulations) for other university requirements. It is recommended that students retain a copy of all application paperwork.

Freshmen, Transfer and Alternative 5th year students should apply to Jacksonville State University (JSU) six months prior to enrollment.

If you have not already applied to Jacksonville State University, an application for admission can be obtained online:


Complete the the "Application for the JSU Teacher Education Program" and return to the Teacher Service Center.

Request Form for Application to the JSU Teacher Education Program

Online Form   Printable PDF Form


Successfully complete all three components of the Alabama Educator Certification Assessment Program (AECAP). TEP candidates may register online. The AECAP is offered only four or five times per year. At the time of registration, TEP candidates must request for scores to be sent to JSU and the Alabama State Department of Education.


Successfully complete the Teacher Education Program Orientation Course (ED 300). This course is offered fall and spring semesters only and includes 30 hours of classroom observation.


Provide background clearance from Cogent Systems. Fingerprints are processed by appointment. Please go to A valid, government-issued photo ID must be presented at the time of the appointment.

Proof of background clearance must be provided to the Teacher Service Center. Previous clearance (substitute license, teacher's aide, or school staff) may be acceptable. Please contact the Teacher Service Center for more information.


One Undergraduate Recommendation for Teacher Education Forms Effective 8/23/16

    • An Undergraduate Recommendation will be provided electronically from your ED 300 Introduction to Education instructor prior to your TEP interview.  (If you have taken ED 300 in a previous semester, another Professional Studies instructor will provide your recommendation.)
    • Please see (document) for your reference.

Alternative Class A students must submit to Office of Graduate Studies three "Graduate Reference Forms" according to the requirements set forth in the Graduate Bulletin.

This form is available in the Office of Graduate Studies (256-782-5348) or online.


Complete a minimum of 54 semester hours in which at least 48 semester hours are in the general studies area.


Complete an Alternative 5th year Undergraduate Deficiency Evaluation. Evaluations must be scheduled with the Teacher Service Center after application to Graduate Studies has been made.


Minimum GPA Requirements for Program Eligibility:

     Class B (Bachelor's Level) Programs:

          2.75 Overall GPA

          (A minimum 2.75 is required in the areas of Overall, Teaching Field, and Professional Studies to maintain eligibility in

          the Teacher Education Program)

     Alternate Class A (Master's Level) Programs:

          2.75 Overall GPA on undergraduate degree

          - OR -        

          3.0 Overall GPA on previous Master's degree



Read and sign the " Statement of Understanding." Return the signed "Statement of Understanding" to the Teacher Service Center.


Satisfactorily complete an Interview Session.
Interview Request Form

  • Completion of ED 300 is required for eligibility, but not required for an interview.
  • Interview request forms are collected in the Teacher Service Center then forwarded to the appropriate department prior to the interview.
  • Departmental interviews are scheduled by each department one time per semester.
  • Please check with the appropriate department to verify the interview schedule:
Curriculum and Instruction
(Early Childhood/Elementary, Collaborative Education)
Secondary Education 256-782-5848
Health, Physical Education and Recreation 256-782-5515
Music 256-782-5877
Family and Consumer Sciences 256-782-5054

Successful completion of the requirements described in Items 1-9 deem you eligible for the Teacher Education Program.  Eligibility for TEP is assessed at the end of each term.  Refer to the university undergraduate and graduate catalogues for academic and graduation requirements not discussed in this document.

Teacher Education Programs may be altered to meet changes in institutional, federal and Alabama State Department of Education regulations.

The School of Education reserves the right to correct, alter, amend, or modify any item contained in this document. The most current requirements and regulations are described herein. These are requirements for eligibility to Teacher Education only.

The Alabama State Department of Education requires an applicant for State certification to be fingerprinted and pass a background check. All State certification decisions are the authority of the Alabama State Department of Education.

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