Master of Science in Instructional Technology: Program of Study

Prerequisite Classes
ED 500: Introduction to Graduate Education and Technology (1)*
Total: 0-1 hours

Foundational Classes
EFD 500: Research in Education (3)
EFD 552: Diversity Issues in Education (3)
Total: 6 hours

Instructional Technology Classes
EIM 503: Technology Enhanced Teaching and Learning (3)
EIM 504: Learning Through Interactive Technologies (3)
EIM 505: Digital Literacy in the Classroom (3)
EIM 517: Designing Virtual Learning Spaces (3)
EIM 551: Technology in School Environments (3)
EIM 555: Instructional Design (3)
Total: 18 hours

Electives (Select 2 via advisement)
EFD 502: Curriculum Development (3)
EFD 560: Psychological Principles of Learning (3)
ESE 505: Educational Methods, Assessments, and Technology in Secondary Schools (3)
EED 509: 21st Century Teaching and Learning (3)
EED 532: Issues and Trends in Elementary Education (3)
SPE 500: Survey Course in Special Education (3)**
SPE 509: Data Analysis, K-12 (3)
SPE 520: Technology for Special Education (3)
Other elective(s) as deemed suitable by student’s adviser
Total: 6 hours

Program Total: 30-31 hours, 100% online

* Students who did not take ED 500 (discipline specific section) as a master’s student at JSU are required to take the course in the first semester of enrollment.

** Students who have not previously satisfied the special education requirement at the undergraduate, graduate, or PLU level must take SPE 500.

View the Instructional Technology Brochure (PDF)