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Information for Current Students

Frequently asked questions

The most common questions of graduate students are addressed on the Graduate Studies web page.  In the FAQ section you will find answers for appeals, transfering courses, and admission information and more:

Registration deadlines, holidays and semester schedules can be found on the academic calendar:

Documents every graduate student needs

Copies should be saved on your hard drive for later reference and use:

  1. Trial schedule forms (take your pick): rtf version   PDF version
  2. The student handbook and copies of the college honesty policy and grade appeal policy can be found on the EDPS homepage:
  3. Graduate bulletin for the year you were admitted (bookmark the with your program of study):
  4. 2 year projection - a list of projected course offerings for the HPER department. TBA.

How to register for classes

Get cleared to register:

  1. Refer to your program of study found in the bulletin and the two year projection to determine which courses you might want to take.

  2. Then, look at the schedule to see which courses are being offered. You can see the course schedule by logging onto BANNER ( or going to the online schedule found on the registrar's page:

  3. Now that you know what you want to take, complete a trial schedule form. These forms can be printed, completed, and faxed to your advisor. Forms can also be completed electronically and submitted to your advisor via email; this is preferred and likely to get a quicker response.

  4. Your advisor will look over your trial schedule to see if there are any obvious red flags, but you are still responsible for ensuring that you follow the course of study. Candidates, not advisors, are always ultimately held responsible for meeting the requirements set forth in the bulletin. If there are no obvious red flags, he/she will sign the form and give it to the departmental secretary who will clear you to register. 

►screencast demonstrating the procedure►

To register:

  1. Log into and click on "registration" and follow the prompts.  Here is a link to help get you started,  Note: If you try to register and you are prompted to enter an alternate PIN, that means you have not yet been cleared to register. If the secretary will be unable to clear you in a timely manner, your advisor may decide to give you the alternate PIN so you can register immediately.  Normally she/he will only do so after you have sent in a completed trial schedule form.

  2. If you are unable to register, please note the error message and consult the "trouble shooting" section found here: If after that, you still cannot resolve the problem, contact your advisor and be sure to alert him/her to any error messages you recieved.  Simply telling your advisor, "it won't let me register" will not provide him/her with the information needed to help you.

Portfolio & comprehensive exam

Beginning in the Spring of 2014, all masters level students will be required to present and defend an electronic portfolio in LiveText. This presentation and defense will serve as the comprehensive exam.

  1. Step one: Create a portfolio and add content as you progress through the program.  Taking care to select good artifacts and write quality reflections as you progress will save you time and stress as you prepare to defend your portfolio during your last semester.
  2. Step two: Defend your portfolio. Becuase this defense serves as the comprehensive exam, you must first apply for comps/graduation by filling out the online applicaiton on the graduate studies web page.  The link is in the student resources section: Due dates for submitting the application are usually posted in the bulletin and on the graduate studies web page. Normally, the due date is near the end of the first week of the semester, but we suggest you apply during semester prior to graduation so you do not forget. Once you apply for comps, graduate studies will performa a graduation check and alert the HPER department of those eligible to take comps. The HPER department normally gets this list of eligible students around 4 to 6 weeks into the semester. At that time, if you are on the list, the HPER department will send you instructions about the time and date of the comps.  Finally you will log into Blackboard and use the collaborate tool to present your work and answer questions put forth by the exam committee. You will also have the option of coming to campus and presenting/defending in person. The committee will evaluate your portfolio and your ability to answer their questions on a pass/fail basis.
  3. Upon completion of the defense, you must complete a graduate follow up survey found at the bottom of the CEPS main page:

►Screencast - starting your portfolio

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