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The Merchandising concentration is designed to provide students with a basic understanding of the apparel and textile industry. The curriculum prepares students for exciting business careers in retailing, management, and fashion promotion. Graduates are eligible for positions as assistant buyers, managers, or consultants.

Course Listings

131 Clothing Construction (3). Personal appearance, selection, and care of clothing and textiles. Fundamentals of clothing construction, pattern selection, and fit. Application of fundamentals through garment construction.

215 Introductory Nutrition (3). Introduction to the principles of nutrition including nutrient requirements for individuals of all ages.

232 Textiles (3). Textile fabrics, their composition, structure, and use along with weaves, finishes, and care. Natural and man-made fibers used in clothing.

200 Seminar in Family and Consumer Sciences (2). The philosophical base of family and consumer sciences and issues affecting the profession. Emphasis on managing the challenges of living and working in a diverse global society. Preparation of students for success including resume writing, professional presentations, and the development of communication skills.

322 Normal Nutrition (3). Prerequisite: Four hours of chemistry or biological science. Application of fundamentals of human nutrition including various nutrients and requirements for different individuals and groups.

331 Fashion Fundamentals and Merchandising (3). Prerequisite: Sophomore status. Organization and structure of the fashion industry with emphasis on retailing, designers, sources of information, and fashion trends.

332 Social Cultural Aspect of Apparel (3). Overview of social, psychological, and cultural aspects of apparel.

335 Visual Merchandising (3). Prerequisite: Sophomore status. Design principles applied to various display needs. Investigation and practical experience in planning, executing, and evaluation of 2-D and 3-D displays for commercial, educational, and other needs.

350 Lifespan Human Development (3). Overview of physical, intellectual, social, and emotional development from conception to death. Practical application of information to life stages and outside observations will be included.

352 Child Growth and Development (2). Development and guidance of young children from infancy through middle childhood.

353 Child Growth and Development Laboratory (1). Taken concurrently with FCS 352 lecture; two hours per week. Methods of guidance of young children.

355 Family Life Education (3). A study of family relations and the skills needed to function within the family setting. Emphasis on interpersonal communication, conflict resolution, and parenting.

371 Management of Family Resources (3). Prerequisite: Sophomore status. Focuses on the practical application of management principles for use of resources to maximize individual and family quality of life.

427 Special Problems in Family and Consumer Sciences (3). Prerequisites: Senior status and approval of instructor. May be duplicated for credit for a total of six (6) semester hours. Individual work in selected area.

430 Senior Experiences in Fashion Merchandising (3). Prerequisites: Senior status and approval of instructor. Field experiences in merchandising. May be duplicated for credit for a total of six (6) semester hours.

431 Textiles and Apparel in the Global Economy (3). Prerequisites: FCS 331 and Junior Status. Role of fiber, textile, and apparel industries in the international economy. Current issues related to fashion merchandising in the global economy.

432 History of Fashion (3). Prerequisite: Junior status. The development of fashion throughout history with an investigation of the influence of sociological, psychological, economic and cultural factors.

434 Apparel Design (3). Prerequisites: FCS 131, FCS 232, 331, and Junior status. Overview of the fashion design and manufacturing process. Examination of fashion illustration methods, of apparel design, creation of an apparel line, and practical experiences in apparel design.

435 Merchandise Planning and Analysis (3). Prerequisites: MS 112, FCS 331, and Junior status. Application of principles of retail math, merchandise management, and retail buying to the merchandising of textiles, apparel, and accessories.

471 Family Housing and Interiors (3). Prerequisite: Junior status. An overview of present-day family housing needs including location, space needs, house construction and selection, alternative housing, and furnishings.

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