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Students can earn a Bachelor of Science in Education with a teaching field in Family and Consumer Sciences. Students that meet the requirements for this major will be eligible to apply for a baccalaureate-level Professional Certificate. This certificate is acceptable for teaching Family and Consumer Sciences curricula in middle and secondary schools. Majors in Family and Consumer Sciences Education are also qualified for positions in cooperative extension, business, and other related fields.

122. Fundamentals of Food Preparation and Meal Management (3). Lecture and laboratory experiences. An introduction to the study of food including selection, principles of preparation, evaluation of food products, survey of the market place, and management of resources in the preparation and serving of food.

131. Clothing Construction (3). Personal appearance, selection, and care of clothing and textiles. Fundamentals of clothing construction, pattern selection, and fit. Application of fundamentals through garment construction.

215. Introductory Nutrition (3). Introduction to the principles of nutrition including nutrient requirements for individuals of all ages.

232. Textiles (3). Textile fabrics, their composition, structure, and use along with weaves, finishes and care. Natural and man-made fibers used in clothing.

325. Quantity Food Production (3). Prerequisite: FCS 122. Lectures and laboratory experiences. Introduction to institutional preparation and service of food, equipment operation and maintenance, menu planning, and recipe standardization.

331 Fashion Fundamentals and Merchandising (3). Prerequisite: Sophomore status. Organization and structure of the fashion industry with emphasis on retailing, designers, sources of information, and fashion trends.

335. Visual Merchandising (3). Design principles applied to various display needs. Investigation and practical experience in planning, executing, and evaluation of 2-D and 3-D displays for commercial, educational, and other needs.

350. Lifespan Human Development (3). Overview of physical, intellectual, social, and emotional development from conception to death. Practical application of information to life stages and outside observations will be included.

352. Child Growth and Development (2). Development and guidance of young children from infancy through middle childhood.

353. Child Growth and Development Laboratory (1). Taken concurrently with FCS 352 lecture; two hours per week. Methods of guidance of young children, ages three and four.

355. Family Life Education (3). A study of family relations and the skills needed to function within the family setting. Emphasis on interpersonal communication, conflict resolution, and parenting.

371. Management of Family Resources (3). Focuses on the practical application of management principles for use of resources to maximize individual and family quality of life.

454. Admin & Supervision Child Care Programs (3). Prerequisites: Junior Status and FCS 352 and 353 and approval of the instructor. The planning, implementing, and evaluating of a child care program.

471. Family Housing (3). An overview of present-day family housing needs including location, space needs, house construction and selection, alternative housing, and home furnishings.

CTE 350. Professional and Technical Competency for Career and Technical Education (3). Technical skills needed to teach, organize, and maintain career and technical programs in middle and secondary schools. Emphasis on professional skills needed to secure and maintain employment in CTE. Offered Fall semesters only.

Other education courses are also required.

These classes require admission to the Teacher Education Program:

CTE 362. Career and Technical Education (3). Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. Organization and administration of career technical education programs in secondary schools. Includes needs assessment, curriculum planning, and implementation of programs. Field experiences. Requires Teacher Education Program admission. Offered Spring Semster only.

CTE 460. Practicum in CTE (3). Directed experiences including observation and participation in career technical education programs and classrooms. Provides an opportunity to observe and apply theories and concepts. Seminars will be held in conjunction with this course. Must be taken concurrently with CTE 461. Requires Teacher Education Program admission. Currently offered Fall Semester only.

CTE 461. Education Skills (3). Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. Planning and implementation of instructional methods and materials in secondary FCS/CTE education and community education programs. Field experiences. Requires Teacher Education Program admission. Currently offered Fall Semester only. Practicum students must enroll in campus section of CTE 461, not the online version.

ED/CTE 495. Internship in the High School (6). Prerequisites: Completion of education courses over a two-semester sequence and permission of instructor. Supervised teaching and observance in career technical education. The education degree candidate is required to take a minimum of six hours internship, and should consult an academic adviser about scheduling. Requires Teacher Education Program admission.  CTE students must conduct internship in the Spring of their senior year.

ED 496. Reflective Practices in Education (3). Taken with CTE 495 during Internship. Requires Teacher Education Program admission.

Click here for information on admission to the Teacher Education Program

Career and Technical Education programs that lead to Teacher Certification with the Alabama State Department of Education include:

  • Family & Consumer Science Education

  • Business Marketing Education (Commerce and Information Technology)

  • Family and Consumer Science Masters and Fifth-Year Alternative

Click here for a full listing of current certification programs at JSU

Contact the link above or Kim Townsel for more information.

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